You Know It’s Bad When White House Staff Mutes Biden

And apparently, that’s exactly what the folks who work in the White House are doing. When Joe Biden is out doing a public appearance, most of the White House staff will either turn their TV’s off, or mute the sound so they don’t have to listen to the latest gaffes that come from Jokin’ Joe’s mouth.

That is a pretty sad affair when you think about it.

How would you feel about your work environment if whenever your boss said something publicly, you had to turn the sound off so you wouldn’t hear him or her make a total fool of themselves. That really wouldn’t instill a lot of confidence in your ability to do a good job, would it?

I remember back when I was in Toledo working at a radio station. We had a mayor at the time that made all sorts of these slip ups, and the local and even national media would jump all over him for it. He’s the guy that once said that we ought to move all the deaf people in town out by the airport so they aren’t bothered by the noise. And it was like that on a steady stream. I think I even heard that he was either considering running for mayor again, or had been elected. YIKES! And Jokin’ Joe fits right in that same mold. Except I think in Joe’s case, it’s a lot more serious.

Take for instance, Biden’s recent trip to the northeast to look at the damage done by tropical storm Ida. Here’s a comment he made in New Jersey: “The members of Congress know, from their colleagues in Congress, that, uh, you know, the, looks like a tornado, they don’t call them that anymore, that hit the crops and wetlands in the middle of the country, in Iowa and Nevada. It’s just across the board.”

Can anybody please translate that into English?

It’s because of comments like that, and policy screw ups like Afghanistan, COVID, the Economy, and the Southern Border that Biden is now getting heckled on these jaunts. In fact, when he went to New Jersey, not necessarily a strong bastion of conservativism, he heard the following:

“My country is going to sh*t and you’re allowing it!”

“All of this for a f**king photo op?”

“My best friend died in Afghanistan in 2021. For what?”

“Leave no American behind in Afghanistan!”

Biden didn’t get high marks when he tried to tie climate change to the flooding in the northeast. He wanted to push Congress to give him his $3.5 trillion infrastructure add on bill that is (at this point anyway), going to be held up in the Senate by Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin. It sounded a lot less like “We’re here to help you!”, and more like, “I want my money!” I guess I’m surprised he didn’t meet with families who had lost loved ones in the storm to tell them how upset he still was about his son Beau dying.

So, what to do about Biden has become a huge question among both Republicans and Democrats. Both sides realize that he’s a blooming idiot and doesn’t have the mental capacity to do the job. Democrats are starting to push him toward resigning for “health reasons”. Whether that works or not, time will tell. The problem is, fewer Democrats in DC have a good feeling about K-baby Harris than they do about Biden. Her ratings are worse off than his. At liberal, Biden’s daily poll numbers are now upside down by over 4%. Most individual polls have Biden upside down from anywhere from 7-11%, which is absolutely amazing. Online polling site, YouGov has Biden’s approval rating now at 39%, which is lower than Donald Trump’s 42% at this point in his presidency.

So, the problems for Democrats continue. And for those working in the White House. Democrats are doubling down that Biden will make a strong comeback this fall. Based on what we’ve seen so far from the 46th President, I wouldn’t be against taking that bet!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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