Will The Fall Treat Biden Any Better?

Probably not…but he’s hoping so. Biden fell into the “August Trap” that so many recent presidents have fallen into. We’ve outline them here before. Too often, when Congress goes on it’s month long vacation, all hell breaks loose for the federal government and this year was no different.

Biden had crap coming at him from a million different directions. But where the other presidents that had bad Augusts had to react to circumstances that were happening around the world, Joe had to face the music for poor decisions that he himself had made, falling into the same trap that Richard Nixon, and Lyndon Johnson fell into.

Biden told the world during the presidential campaign last fall that Donald Trump didn’t have a plan for eradicating COVID, but that he did. What he failed to say was that his plan was 95% of Trump’s plan and the other 5% really was bad. So it didn’t work. He told the world he was going to finally get the United States out of Afghanistan. What he failed to say was he was going to go about it in exactly the opposite way he should have. And he would insure that he’d have generals at the Pentagon that either told him not to do it, and he’d ignore them, or they were too weak in their leadership roles to accurately advise the president.

Let’s add to that a really bad jobs number, a slowing economy that’s not caused by COVID necessarily, but by the government’s reaction to COVID, and the consequences that too much governmental interference brings. Let’s add to that no decisions on the southern border, or how to deal with illegal immigration. Let’s add to that keeping the Central American invaders in Mexico instead of the United States while they await their court hearings to get into this country.

And Biden is still hoping for a better fall. It shouldn’t be hard after the summer he caused.

He has several things he’s hoping for. He still needs to pass that infrastructure bill, but doesn’t have the votes in the Senate to get it passed, even though the House has done so. He needs to pass a budget that is incredibly bloated and like a beached whale, doesn’t seem to be able to go anywhere, as Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema have both said it’s too much spending and we need to curtail it. He hasn’t even begun to tackle anything like inflation yet. And he hasn’t been able to do squat about immigration…the legal kind.

And what does the White House press office have to say? Jen Psaki says, “I think you can expect the president to be communicating over the coming weeks on a range of issues that are front and center on the minds of the American people.” And what exactly would those issues be?

The Heritage Foundation says these are the top issues: Conservatism v. Progressivism, Healthcare, Immigration, Religious Freedom, Marriage, Education, and the Environment. Other sources claim that drug addiction is one of the most important topics of concern, affordability of college, and the federal budget deficit, all of which (along with the cost of healthcare) are over 50% in the latest poll.

What’s interesting is the Biden’s road map for America really doesn’t include a whole lot of that. Of course, he wants to make college free or at the very least eliminate college loan debt. But beyond that, his roadmap includes a lot of potholes. Here’s what didn’t make the top choices: Climate change, economic inequality, racism, terrorism, and sexism. All of those (with maybe the exception of terrorism) are things that are high on Biden’s list of things he wants to accomplish. I would suggest that further indicates a president out of touch with what the American people feel is important!

Will the fall treat Joe Biden any better than the month of August. I think it probably will. You can’t make the screw ups like the Afghanistan withdrawal constantly and hope to hold on to your job. There is still over 50% of the people out there that believe Biden should resign over the Afghanistan debacle. He won’t, but if he doesn’t step on his male member as badly as he did in August, he’s going to want to take a victory lap.

Yes, being President is a tough job. I think Biden is learning that the hard way. And I think he feels the pressure that he is in way over his head and that he doesn’t have the mental acuity he needs to successfully do the job. Oh, that’s something he won’t admit to anyone except maybe his wife. But in a private moment with his Creator, I’m sure he’s asking for tons of help. As Americans, let’s just hope God is listening. We can’t afford many more screw ups!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

5 thoughts on “Will The Fall Treat Biden Any Better?

  1. The question is “how far can he fall from here?” If Joe is in the basement and has already fallen most of the way to the basement floor, then the fall won’t be so bad.

    However, if the fall is beginning from the top of the Sears Tower.

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  2. As you say, so many “issues” from a gazillion different directions … which is, precisely, what Francis Fox-Piven and Richard Cloward advocated: overwhelm the government until it can no longer fulfill its constitutional duty. It seems to me that their Plan is working out as expected and the timing couldn’t be better — when we have a mushroom in the oval office with the mental acuity of a gnat. But why would the puppet masters (whoever they are) want to see a Democrat administration fail? My guess is that the puppet masters are focused on the failure of our Constitutional Republic, and the ends will always justify the means. The Biden administration, in other words, is simply collateral damage. Would their plan for America be better served or more easily attained with Harris in the driver’s seat? You betcha — suggesting that Mr. Biden is exactly what most of us thought he was: a useful idiot.

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    1. Oh, I’ve ALWAYS believed the end goal was to bring down America as it has been. Biden certainly can be a cog in that wheel, no doubt. Harris is also useful as a tool in that. Whomever the puppet master is, they have to be wringing their hands with glee about now!

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