Is Trump The Answer?

I think every American outside the Beltway realizes that Joe Biden can’t do what he said he’d be able to do in the campaign. He has done absolutely nothing to bring the country together. His “plan” for fixing the COVID mess was abandoned within days of inauguration. And he’s exacerbated the situation on the southern border by basically inviting illegals to come marching through customs unabated. He’s also made an abortion of the withdrawal in Afghanistan and stranded hundreds of Americans still there. Their only hope of survival rests on the former military and conservative media types that are using private funds to attempt to get them out.

But there is one over-riding question that seems to haunt me.

Is Donald Trump the answer to the mess that’s going on?

I’m not so sure, and a new poll out by CNN, no fan of Trump, it needs to be mentioned, sort of agrees with that. Basically, the poll says that 63% of Republicans feel that Trump should be the head of the Republican party. Now, what’s surprising is that the number is only 63%. Usually when a party’s president loses re-election, he remains that party’s titular head until someone comes up and takes over that mantle, usually by winning the presidency or at the very least becoming that party’s nominee. What’s interesting here is that number is down from about 80% only a few months ago.

What’s even more interesting was another question in the same poll. When asked if Republicans’ chances were better with Donald Trump as the candidate, only 51% said yes. That’s down from 79% that said yes in March of 2019, at the height of his popularity.

This tells me that there are a lot of Republican voters that may have to do what a lot of us did this past election…vote for Trump if he’s the nominee while holding their nose. There is no doubt in pretty much everyone’s mind that Trump was the better of the two candidates now, even though Joe Biden looked and acted more presidential to a point (gaffes not included). But it’s only taken about eight and a half months for the rest of the country to realize that Biden is nothing but a clown and is not capable of serving out his term. Republicans seemed to know that back in November of last year, but Democrats, eager to get rid of Trump, and Independents who bought into Biden’s fake promises, didn’t.

Another telling problem for Democrats is that 20% of Biden voters now regret voting for him and wish they could have voted for someone else (not necessarily Trump). That would have meant that one in five voters for Biden, some 16.2 million of them in all, regret voting for him. So the 81 million votes he got really would come in closer to 65 million today. And that would have certainly been enough to change the outcome of the election (Trump ended up with 74.1 million votes).

If Trump is indeed going to run in 2024, and he hinted at it during the 9/11 memorials he attended, he has some fence-mending to do. He can’t come at the public like he did in 2016 and 2020 and just start calling Biden names. He needs to be more presidential, something that if he would have taken that advice last year, he’d still be in the White House. But dropping 28% as far as favorability with his own party is not a good thing. It’s going to be a tough slog, especially since there will most assuredly be a million Republicans out there that think they can beat either Joe Biden if he runs again, or certainly K-baby Harris. In fact, probably you or I could also fit into that number!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

7 thoughts on “Is Trump The Answer?

  1. Is Donald Trump the answer to the mess that’s going on?

    Most Americans simply cannot grasp the enormous size and complexity of the federal bureaucracy. I think it demands the leadership of an extraordinarily gifted individual. The president, whoever it is, cannot possibly have expertise in all of the various moving parts of the government, so these circumstances require advisors who do have that expertise, and they, in the name of the administration, guide the bureaucracies according to the president’s policy objectives. Below them are the career bureaucrats who implement the congressional mandates (the law), and they do this no matter what the cabinet official wants, irrespective of the president’s agenda. Draining the swamp sounds nice, but from a practical standpoint, nothing short of a massive overhaul of the federal government will accomplish it. Is an overhaul even possible? My guess is no. Too many people are “invested” in the status quo. Besides, the career bureaucrats know that the president is only temporary; they, on the other hand, are permanent.

    We cannot say that Trump was a good judge of character. He hired people, lauded them during the appointment process, and then fired and castigated them on Twitter. This childish behavior alienated a lot of people. And the career bureaucrats laughed. Most of these people, by the way, are dedicated Democrats/progressives because their jobs/retirement income depends on more (not less) government spending. What they do, as a prime directive, is overseeing their fiefdoms. Nothing else matters. Draining the swamp was a platitude designed to garner votes, nothing more.

    Mr. Trump had his turn at-bat. I don’t think he stands much of a chance for another term. He’s a smart man, of that I have no doubt, but from a personality standpoint, he’s unsuited to lead the nation. He’s not a uniter (if that is even possible, these days). He’s vindictive. He’s a bully. In four years, he did achieve some positive results, but in the long term, he accomplished nothing. He has no one to blame for that other than himself.

    The problem is, I don’t see a “leader” waiting in the wings. Well, maybe one: DeSantis. Not Rubio, not Cruz, not Cotton, not Gowdy, not Lee. So, I hover on the edge of despair. Not for me, but for my country. I’m quite sure that a ham sandwich could defeat Biden at this point, but we don’t need another ham sandwich. We need an American leader who has the intelligence, competence, energy, and vision to lead our nation back from the abyss. As someone commented not long ago, we need someone at the helm who knows how to kick ass while wearing kid-gloves. Who would that be? I have no clue. DeSantis, Scott, Doug Ducey? We do live in interesting times.

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    1. This is one of the best treatises I’ve ever seen on our government, and Donald Trump. EVERYONE should be reading Mustang’s blog posts, and comments every single day. The man hits it on the head. I find it hard to disagree with anything written here! I think BOTH parties have leadership problems, not just the GOP. That’s the reason you ended up with a Sanders or Biden choice. The lack of quality statesmen to run the country is astounding. As far as the next leader? Not sure about DeSantis yet. Scott would be an interesting choice, but as one of Doug Ducey’s minions out here in the desert (he IS after all a Toledo-born and bred guy), I wouldn’t think he has the ambition to be president. I think he wants to get back to his former job, founder of Cold Stone Creamery.

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  2. I am just not convinced enough people can see that Biden (and by extension the Democrat party) are culpable in the messes they’ve created. Up here in OneState (Minnesota) there are far too many “Never Trumpers” and I think they would absolutely vote for the devil himself rather than Trump. I just don’t know who would bring the energy needed that Trump brings for the actual swing states.

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    1. I don’t think Minnesota is ready to go red yet, whomever is running. Too many people in Minneapolis/St. Paul that are dyed in the wool blue. As far as Never Trumpers, yeah, that’s everywhere. But when faced with the two-party choice of Biden or Trump? And we’ve seen what Biden has (or hasn’t) done in a short period of time? I think Trump would stand a better than 50/50 chance of winning, and polls do show that today (which means nothing three years from the election!) Way too much will happen between now and November of 2024!


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