So, Who’s REALLY In Charge?

I really have not wanted to write this blog. That’s because in my heart, I really hope the answer to that question would be that Joe Biden is in charge. At least that’s what 81 million Americans supposedly voted for, right? But somehow, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Let’s take a look at a couple of examples.

Monday, Biden was talking with federal and state officials in Boise, Idaho on the whole wildfire situation. Now, if you’re not from the western part of this country, you may not be aware that wildfires are a huge problem out here. Basically, from what I’ve been able to gather from talking to people who should know, it’s caused by a lack of gleaning out the dead wood in forests. The eco-terrorists out there don’t want forests to be gleaned. And that leads to lightning strikes, or careless campers or other phenomenon leading to these massive fires. They do indeed destroy homes, and in some cases entire towns. So, it is a big deal. It’s kind of replaced tornadoes or floods out here as the major natural disaster.

So, during this feed that was sent out to the media (some carried it live), Biden was talking with officials about it, stating that he believed that climate change was the cause of all of these fires (there is no proof of that by the way). He went to ask a question, and half way through the question, the feed was pulled and not brought back. When asked about it, the White House had no comment.

Biden has repeatedly intimated that he’s been told where and when he can take questions from the press, and which members of the press he can answer from. That leads to the speculation as to who in the White House is telling him when and where he can answer questions. Isn’t he in charge? Doesn’t he, after 47 years in Washington, have enough experience to be able to handle reporters’ questions? And don’t you find it funny that when he approaches the podium for news conferences, he has a list with reporters’ pictures, and they are circled and numbered as to which reporter he should call on?

So the question stands…who is making these decisions, because it’s obvious Biden isn’t.

Some would say it’s the White House communications people like Jen Psaki and company that are pulling the plug on these things. Others think it’s coming from higher up on the political food chain. Either way, the fact remains, we have a president that obviously isn’t in charge of his own presidency. He cannot answer questions that he wants to answer, and when he does, he usually mutters something akin to, “Well, I’m going to get in trouble for doing that!” Who’s he in trouble with?

There really hasn’t been an uprising from the press on this as well. You see Biden avoiding certain people and playing favorites to those that toss softball questions at him. The only one that doesn’t is Fox News’, Peter Doocy, who usually gets the last question in before Biden walks away muttering some smart-ass answer.

But that doesn’t answer the question who the real puppet master is. We know it’s not Biden. We know it’s not Harris. So who is it? And how are they able to wield such power over the most powerful man in the world? The bigger question doesn’t have to do with dealing with the press and having feeds cut in mid-sentence. It’s how much power does this person have in other areas, such as foreign policy, domestic policy, and taxes??? Are we really that beholden to someone like the socialist, George Soros? Is he the one running the country?

Answers would be nice. Probably we will never get them. But it would be nice!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

5 thoughts on “So, Who’s REALLY In Charge?

  1. Yeah, who is running the country ? Why aren’t citizen democrats frightened by what is going on ? They see the things you described. They give him a satisfactory approval rating. Why doesn’t it bother them the way you’ve described ? Don’t they wonder ? As far has California goes I am astonished on the huge vote count amassed by Newsome.

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      1. Can’t figure out why. One of Newsome’s mantras was “You don’t want this to be a Trump state do you ?” What in the Sam Hill kind of statedo this idiots want ? Who can stomach their currect horrors ?

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      2. The visceral hatred these guys have toward Donald Trump is really incredible. I’ve seen it out here in other areas, and these people are friggin’ nuts! I mean to the point of being so far over the edge that they can’t see straight!


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