Pelosi: “Capitalism Not Working”

Of course, you’d expect a socialist to say that Capitalism, the system of how we’ve set up and lived in our country since the beginning, isn’t working. To them, the only thing that is “working” is cradle to grave socialism. And, as Dennis Miller says, “It’s getting to the cradle that’s the challenge”.

But Nancy Pelosi says that Capitalism in our country is not working. At least it’s not working “as well as it should.” What’s she mean by that? Well, to put it mildly, in her world, those that “have made it”, haven’t made it as long as others have been exploited in order to make it.


This is coming from a woman with a net worth of $120 million. I would argue that she is one of the ones that Capitalism has allowed to “make it”. So, what is she planning to do to allow those that she and her husband, Paul have exploited along the way, to achieve the same whopping success that they have achieved? And that is coming from a lady that is from a community where the homeless population is so out of control, the drug usage and the street defication is so out of control that businesses are leaving San Francisco, conventions are cancelling their bookings and moving elsewhere, and scads of those living in the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge, can’t leave fast enough.

It would seem to me, sitting on the sidelines, with nowhere near the net worth that the Pelosi’s have, that they would be considered part of the problem, not part of the solution. Maybe Nancy is just starting to feel guilty in her old age that she walked on the backs of an awful lot of people to get where she is today? I’m not sure, but I can tell you, that having a net worth of over $100 million, and a husband who owns his own venture capital business, should be dishing out quite a bit of that money to help their city’s homeless problem before they start talking about changing our way of life.

Look, the short end of this is, Capitalism works. Period. And yes, there are some people, like Pelosi, like Biden, like Harris, like a bunch of people from the GOP as well, that have made it. Capitalism has allowed them to win the game of life. Why? Because they went out, got educated, worked hard, took risks that ended up paying off, and they made something of their lives. Those that didn’t make it? Who do you blame for them not making it?

I had the delightful pleasure of meeting former Notre Dame and South Carolina football coach, Lou Holtz back when I was in my former life. He was in town doing the color commentary for an ESPN broadcast, and I was doing the PA announcing. We were sitting in booths next to each other. And he told me before the game started that he used to tell his players it all comes down to choices. You make good choices, good things usually (not always) happen. You make bad choices, more often than not, bad things happen. But you are the one that made the choice. And you are the one that suffers the consequences or reaps the reward for making a good choice. The man was damned smart if you ask me.

I’m not saying there aren’t instances where someone lost who had made good choices. Of course that happens. But in the end, if you are educated, you learn, you work hard, you understand the rules of the game and excel at the game, you most likely will win. Every person I’ve ever met that has been successful falls into that category.

There is no need to change Capitalism. It works just fine. The problem is, it doesn’t work for everybody because not everybody is going to make good choices. A girl getting pregnant at 14 and having to give up her dreams of whatever career she was thinking of to become a mother at that young age has made a poor choice. The guy that wants to get out of the ghetto and go to the NBA to play basketball, but gets busted selling drugs is making a bad choice. But it’s their choice. That’s the point Pelosi seems to not be able to grasp.

It may just be her feeling guilty for either having married into money, or come from money (her father was a Congressman from Maryland, and worked his way up from being an immigrant from Italy). It may be that she feels everybody whether they made good choices or not deserve to be on the same plane as everybody else. I don’t know, and it really doesn’t matter. Our system of government rewards those that do, and punishes those that don’t. If Pelosi wants to change that, maybe she should give $100 million to her homeless compadres living in the streets outside her home? Just sayin’.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

9 thoughts on “Pelosi: “Capitalism Not Working”

      1. I’m using Dennis Prager’s term from his Still the Best Hope book.
        Leftism encompasses even Globalism which has many adherents on the Right.
        It is Big Government.
        Islamism is the radical political Uslam.
        Americanism is personal freedom, small government in any nation.

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