Remember The Border Crisis?

Oh, you probably forgot, right? I mean, summer is over, the football season has started, the Delta variant is taking hold and reaching it’s peak across most of the country, Joe Biden continues to screw up everything he touches, the Afghanistan withdrawal went totally wrong, as did the latest Biden ordered drone strike in that country. It’s not a wonder at all that we’ve forgotten about thousands of illegals streaming across the border thanks to Joe Biden’s welcome mat that has been laid out.

But they continue to come.

In fact, the Border Patrol has said that this year is a 21 year high for illegal crossings into our country. They don’t have a clue where to put all of the people, and in Del Rio, Texas, under the Del Rio International Bridge, thousands of illegal migrants have set up camp, hoping that Border Patrol agents can come, process them and then set them free to be relocated somewhere in the US until they can have the court date that they won’t show up for.

Last Friday, there were 11,000 such crossings of the Rio Grande river, which is easy to cross right now because of low water. Illegals are just walking across the river and into the United States from Mexico.

So, the border crisis continues. The “point person” in charge, K-baby Harris hasn’t done a damn thing since she went to Mexico and Guatemala to talk to them about how they needed to deal with this. That trip was ruled an unmitigated disaster. And then of course, there was her trip to the southern border itself in El Paso, Texas, a community which has seen some of the lowest numbers of illegal crossings in recent years thanks entirely to the Trump border wall that’s been constructed there.

But it never reached Del Rio.

And so, the illegals choose to scoot around the border wall, and follow the path of least resistance. And Border Patrol agents, already stretched to the breaking point, have to leave some areas open, just because they don’t have enough manpower, and Biden isn’t helping any in that department. So, they go ahead and stream across the border into that small Texas town of 34,700 legal residents. Imagine that. In one day, about 33% of the town’s population came across the river and settled under a bridge.

Yes, the border crisis continues. And it seems that K-baby Harris is on to other stuff, maybe redecorating her mansion at Number One, Naval Observatory Circle. That’s what’s been taking up a good deal of time so far. Well, that and helping Gavin Newsome stay in office.

My big question is, whatever happened to the Supreme Court’s decision not to offer a stay to the lower court’s decision that the Trump era policy of “Stay In Mexico” continue? Should not these illegals be processed and shipped back across the border to await their trial date?

Unless and until Joe Biden starts taking the problems at the southern border seriously, he’s no president. He’s a traitor that is allowing all sorts of people, terrorists, and people he isn’t testing for COVID into this country at will. He not only needs to be removed from office, he needs to be incarcerated along with Mark Milley for the rest of their lives as traitors.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

17 thoughts on “Remember The Border Crisis?

  1. Border Crisis? What border crisis? It isn’t a crisis if someone planned for what we see unfolding before us. No surprise, Biden is an open-border globalist. Raise you hand if you didn’t already know that.

    It seems that every generation has its anomalies. My grandmother, born in 1890, spoke to me of the flappers of the 1920s. She was in her 30’s then and was “aghast” at the looseness of the younger generation. It was an unanticipated consequence of global war; we read about the lost generation today, which gave us Hemingway and Miller (both of whom were probably psychotic). We saw the same trend following World War II. We had the beatniks and bikers in the late ’40s and ’50s. Maynard Krebs comes to mind. In the ’60s, we were introduced to the spoiled-rotten offspring of the WW II vets, who became advocates of free love, dropping out, and rock ‘in on. The late 50s through the 70s brought us the Civil Rights movement and activism. In the 1980s, Reagan offered amnesty to a gazillion illegal immigrants, which sent a strong signal to those seeking a better life for themselves that timing was everything … you know, the political pendulum swinging from left to right.

    Now we’re in the Woke Culture (which I posted about today at Bunkerville). So, throughout the past 131 years, since my grandmother’s birth, we’ve had a societal accordion effect, a series of constant changes that keeps everyone on edge. We seemed to have made a lot of positive progress in our racial relations … until Obama returned us to the bad old days of segregation. Today, blacks demand self-imposed segregation, refusing to assimilate any aspects of non-black culture. They’ve voluntarily returned to the Democratic Party plantations. I shake my head in wonder.

    I am not surprised that Biden was elected … if a majority of American voters chose him as their leader, what does that tell us about most American voters? For one thing, we’ve become a society of idiots — and are damn proud of it. My guess is that Americans have opted for a very low standard because, if you keep your standards low, you’ll always be able to achieve them.

    When I was in my twenties, I rolled my eyeballs at the Hippies. Looking around now, I have to say that the Hippies weren’t so bad after all. We had Joe Cocker instead of Dip Sheep Dog Doo, or whatever. Crumbs.

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    1. Geez I LOVE reading your stuff! I have always subscribed to kinda of what you describe here. I called it the “pendulum effect”, but it’s the same thing as the “accordion effect”. And the farther left you swing a pendulum, when it comes back the other way, it swings farther to the right. That’s what we are seeing now. Trump corrected Obama’s far left swing…and now Biden is taking Trump’s right swing farther to the left. Pretty soon we will reach 12 o’clock on one side or the other. But you are right…we have low standards. I attribute that to the dumbing down of America thanks to the NEA. After all, educated people would never buy into the garbage being spewed today. Instead we’ve got people thinking AOC makes sense. It’s a crock!

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      1. I seriously doubt that, at term’s end, the Biden administration will have been permitted to make a notably practical improvement in poor and low-income Americans’ quality of life, however much Biden may want or try to deliver such greatly needed assistance.

        I believe that the DNC refuses to allow a Bernie Sanders presidential candidacy, regardless of what voters want. For example, every county in West Virginia voted for Sanders in 2016, yet the Democratic National Committee declared them as wins for Clinton, the latter candidate’s neo-liberalism, unlike Sanders’ fiscal-progressiveness, already known for not rubbing against any big business grain.

        Fiscal conservative ideology/politics, big business interests and most of the corporate mainstream news-media resist sufficiently progressive ideas from actually being implemented. They seem to favor big money interests over people. I believe that Republicans are coercing the Democratic Party hierarchy into making their fiscal politics/policies more conservative.

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      2. Well, I don’t know whether or not I would agree the Republicans are coercing anybody (much less the Democrats) on politics. But I would agree that the DNC wanted a “mainstream” candidate to run against Trump in 2016, and Hillary was certainly their choice, well ahead of the primaries.

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      3. It’s voter fraud if ONE person votes illegally. Dem’s contend (and I have agreed) that even though there was voter fraud, it wasn’t enough to change the outcome. I’m still not sure what to think about the Maricopa County recount out here!

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      4. Some people say there was electoral fraud committed — in Trump’s FAVOR, in the 2020 and 2016 presidential elections. They simply find it unfathomable that so many Americans had voted for him both times (and especially last November after experiencing his first term helter skelter).

        They have no real evidence to back up their claim, except for the fact that Hilary had ‘lost’ in 2016 and Donald garnered 70 million or so votes — results that were impossible unless electoral fraud was committed.

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      5. You have very succinctly made the point I’ve been making since last year’s election. And the interesting thing is, it was the Adam Schiff “Russian Collusion hoax” all over again, except on the GOP side. Rudy Giuliani said one thing in front of cameras (the public), where he SWORE there was massive voter fraud, but if you read the court transcripts when he went before a judge (where he could be nailed for perjury if he lied), it was an entirely different story. Was there voter fraud? Yes. Was it enough to change the election? I haven’t seen any proof of that, and no one that has been screaming about it has proof either. Thanks for your comments!

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      6. Re: the “Russian Collusion hoax” …

        According to an interview with Noam Chomsky, by The Free Thought Project, there is some truth in the oft-repeated conservative reference to Russia-gate as a “hoax,” ironically, though likely not in the context typically believed by most conservatives [“Chomsky: Trump is a Distraction, Used by the Deep State to ‘Systematically Destroy’ America,” July 20, 2017].

        “Every cabinet official was chosen to destroy anything of human significance in that part of the government. It’s so systematic that it can’t be unplanned. I doubt that Trump planned it … [since] his only ideology is ‘me’. But whoever is working on it is doing a pretty effective job, and the Democrats are cooperating—cooperating in a very striking way … Take a look at the focus in Çongress. It’s one of the few decent things Trump has been doing. So maybe members of his transition team contacted the Russians. Is that a bad thing? Recent ambassador to Russia, Jack Matlock, had a blog where he pointed out that, ‘It’s exactly what you should be doing. It’s the job of ambassadors and diplomats coming in. There are serious problems and tensions you want to talk over to see if there’s anything you can do about them. Instead of just building up force and violence.’ That’s what the democrats are focusing on, and meanwhile all these other things are going on and they’re not saying anything about them.”

        Chomsky had also emphasized that, “While everything is focusing on that, the Paul Ryan republicans, who are, in my view, the most dangerous and savage group in the country, are busy implementing programs that they have been talking quietly about for years. Very savage programs, which have very simple principles. One, be sure to offer to the rich and powerful gifts beyond the dreams of avarice, and [two], kick everyone else in the face. And it’s going on step by step right behind the [Russiagate] bluster.”

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      7. Very insightful comments! Thank you for sharing! I have often thought that the difference between Republicans and Democrats is getting smaller and smaller. Eventually there will only be one party (which is what they want). At that point, we’re no different than Russia or China.

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  2. Has anyone else noticed the exceptionally strong work ethic practiced by migrants, especially in the produce harvesting sector? That it is typically hump-busting work that simply has to imminently be done but that almost all post-second-generation Westerners won’t tolerate for themselves? Here in southwestern B.C., every time I observe such workers in the fields (while driving by on a bus), I feel a bit guilty; for, considering it purely on a moral/human(e) level, I see not why they should have to toil so for minimal pay and not also I.

    Such laborers work very hard and should be treated humanely, including regular access to Covid-19 vaccination and proper workplace protection, but often are not. While I don’t favor Canada-based businesses exporting labor abroad at very low wages if there are unemployed Canadians who want that work, I can imagine such laborers being much more productive than their born-and-reared-here Canadian counterparts.

    I don’t mean to infer that a strong work ethic is a trait racially genetically inherited by one generation from a preceding generation. Rather, I believe, it is an admirable culturally determined factor, though also in large part motivated by the said culture’s internal and surrounding economic and political conditions.

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    1. FG, I don’t have a problem with your argument at all. Living in a southern border state of the US, I can tell you that typically Hispanic workers in general are some of the hardest working people I’ve ever seen. Their work ethic is unparalleled. And I can’t think of many Americans as well that would want their jobs. That aside, where I have the problem is when they stream across the border illegally. There are thousands of people trying to get to my country the legal way, and I don’t believe those that blatantly flaunt the laws of my nation should be allowed in first over those that are following the rules. That’s all. Thanks for the comment.

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      1. Fair enough. My post wasn’t really meant to justify the illegal means of the massive crossings; rather, it was to shine a different light on the human crisis, not to mention the plethora of ugly posts I’ve been reading on so many mainstream news websites, including Huffington Post, in regards to these seemingly very desperate human beings.

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  3. Sadly, Canada will likely always have either a Liberal or Conservative minority or majority governance; and for this, we can basically credit our First Past The Post electoral-system dinosaur. Apparently, politically potent big business interests get catered-to regardless of which of the two parties rules.

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