Tax The Rich? How About Pay Your OWN!?

Remember this dress? It’s the one that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wore to the $30,000 per ticket mega-gala at the Met a little while ago. And while it garnered a ton of headlines, there was a backstory that wasn’t told.

The dress was designed by designer Aurora James, who called the dress “a powerful message”. It was her little idea of a protest that would put her on the front pages…and it did. Unfortunately for James, it probably would have been better if she had stayed in the shadows.

See…she’s a tax cheat.

James owes taxes in several states, including New York, where the gala was held. She has had at least 15 tax warrants outstanding in the Empire State for not sending tax withholdings to Albany. She currently has three warrants open. Oops. See, employers are supposed to withhold the taxes every time their employees get paid. And most states require those employers to send the payments on a quarterly basis to the state treasury.

Of course, that could be an oversight, right? Just a bookkeeping error? Well, the IRS has placed six liens on James’ Cultural Brokerage Agency totaling more than $103,000 for back taxes that have not been paid. Her company owes another $67,000 in unpaid worker’s compensation taxes as well. That hasn’t stopped James from picking up a nice piece of property in LA. In 2020, as the pandemic was sweeping America, she was buying a $1.6 million residence in a tony LA neighborhood. And, to stay consistent, the LA County Assessor’s Office says that James is delinquent on some $2,500 in property taxes for her residence.

There has been no comment from AOC’s office on the much maligned double-standard that she continues to flaunt as a Representative from New York.

So, why does this woman actually get special treatment? Do you think if you owed the IRS over $100,000 that they’d be bending over backwards to not prosecute you? What makes this “rich” person (who’s boyfriend has a net worth of over $100 million!) able to flaunt federal and state tax laws wherever she lands? And why aren’t those taxing agencies in Washington, Albany, Sacramento, and Los Angeles clamping down on her? She obviously has the money…otherwise how could she afford to buy a mansion?

Isn’t it time that the politicians and the bureaucrats who run the various taxing agencies start treating those “rich people” who James wants taxed to high heaven, make people like Aurora James pay HER fair share? Seems just a little bit inconsistent to me.

Now, I do believe that there are three sides to every story. There’s my side, your side, and the truth which lies somewhere in the middle. I haven’t heard James’ side of the story yet because she won’t talk about it. I’m sure it’s really a good tale, too. But my hunch is that the different places that are owed money are probably a little closer to the truth than someone that is consistently turning their nose up to the taxing agencies.

Will she ever be forced to pay? Will she ever be made an example of to the rest of society who dutifully pays what is owed? Or will she be able to skirt the law, just because she’s one of the 1% she obviously likes to rail against.

Isn’t liberalism a crock?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

6 thoughts on “Tax The Rich? How About Pay Your OWN!?

    1. Oh no. She’s still under investigation for it. I assume it’s going to be having the same result as Hunter Biden is going to face, and that Joe Biden is also going to face for his latest tax dodge (read my EXTRA! which just posted).


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