Vax Mandates Fair? Not Really!

I had an neat lady that I went to high school with send me an idea for this one, and gave me a rather interesting angle on it. So, Maggie, thanks so much for the idea, and miss seeing all you guys from AHS!

OK…Joe Biden wants all employers with 100 employees or more to require their employees to get vaccinated fully or face weekly testing. Why? Simple. He made a campaign promise that he can’t keep. And so, he’s been out there trying to get the CDC to issue mask mandates, and more travel restrictions, and vaccinations mandates, all because he really looks like a horses hind end since he said that Donald Trump didn’t have a plan for COVID, “but I do”.

He didn’t.

And with only 50.4% of the population fully vaccinated, and about 64% getting one of two shots needed, we are a ways away from what Fauci calls “Herd Immunity”. Whatever Biden and his gang have been trying haven’t worked. He blames Republicans, but that’s not all true. There are plenty of liberals and Democrats that have not been poked with this vaccine. Their reasons are as varied as you can imagine. Some don’t like the government telling them what to do. Others don’t feel that the vaccine has been fully vetted and that it was rushed to market. Others still have already had COVID, so they are actually more resistant to the virus than people that got poked. It goes on and on. And it’s not an ideological thing either.

But the main question is, is it being handled fairly?

The simple answer is no. Unemployed folks aren’t being forced to get a vaccine or tested weekly or lose their jobs. People in small businesses aren’t being forced either. And don’t get me started on the illegal aliens flowing across our southern border. Some of them have been tested positive for COVID and are allowed to go into our communities. Why are they allowed to carry the disease with them and wander around free, and the rest of us are being told to quarantine in place?

You can’t use several different rules here. It’s one rule for EVERYBODY. Frankly my wife and I took the vaccine and have been fully vaccinated since April. That’s because we wanted to travel, and I have more than a little faith in the pharmaceutical industry. Neither of us have suffered any side effects or short term (it’s only been 6 months) effects.

As to should everyone HAVE to get vaccinated? I don’t believe so. I believe that is an individual’s choice, and as I have said earlier, I liken it to the inconsistency the left is showing with the abortion argument. They make the case that “it’s a woman’s right to choose what’s right for her own body.” OK. If that’s the argument you’re going to use for abortion, shouldn’t you be using the same argument here? Isn’t it the individual’s right to choose whether or not they get vaccinated? From a consistency standpoint it doesn’t make sense to me. You can’t say a woman has this right to do with her body what she wants, and then take that right away when it comes to something else that she wants to do with her body. That’s insanity.

That’s exactly what we are dealing with as far as Joe Biden’s policies regarding COVID are. He wants this to continue. He doesn’t want this to go away quickly. The reason is simple. The longer the government can exert control over you and me and tell us what we have to wear (a mask), what medical procedure we must do (vaccination), and limit our freedom of travel, especially if we aren’t vaccinated, the more likely it is we will accept these limitations to our freedoms long term. That’s wrong and it’s unconstitutional. THAT is why you see Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, and the uber-leftists wearing masks when the cameras are on and taking them off the minute the turn off the cameras. It’s a control thing. That’s one of the things liberals do.

I don’t agree that you should make a rule for government workers, public workers, and places of business with 100 or more employees, and leave the rest of the country (and the illegal aliens who are bringing COVID into this country in droves) free to do what they want. And I err on the side of individualism. You want to give some people like politicians the right to not wear a mask? OK, then nobody has to wear a mask. You want to not be vaccinating a group of people (take your choice), OK, then nobody HAS to be vaccinated. It is your choice, and you should be able to discuss it with your doctor and make whatever informed decision you want to make.

And it only starts with COVID vaccines…it extends to everything in our lives. Make a rule, and we ALL should obey it, not just the ones we like. And yes, that includes the idiot politicians of both parties in DC!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

5 thoughts on “Vax Mandates Fair? Not Really!

  1. In the entire history of our country, and I guess I’m mostly speaking about those with British ancestors or people from other places who’ve fully assimilated American culture, Americans have always “selectively” decided whether to obey any law, ordinance, rule, or policy. Heck, breaking the rules is what started most of our Indian wars. We see a speed limit sign, and in nearly every other country I’ve ever been to, that’s a hard and fast restriction on how fast we can drive. Not in America. Here, it’s more like a suggestion — and one that MOST people totally ignore. And don’t forget that the number of tax cheats in the US far exceeds the population of some countries.

    My wife and I decided to take the jab, for the same reason as you did: travel. Like you, the decision was mine and I made it. I can’t say I’m in favor of mandatory anything in this country, but I do understand that freedom carries with it certain consequences. I do understand that it’s one thing to accept consequences for yourself, and quite another to force those consequences on others — but I question the right of government to place us under arrest in our own homes out of a concern for “public safety.” What good is a free country if no one is free to live or die by their own hand?

    We do live in interesting times. A very thought-provoking post, sir. Thank you.

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    1. Thanks for the kind words, Mustang! I find it interesting that throughout history, we’ve always quarantined those that actually HAD the disease. Isn’t that where Leprosy Colonies came from? Instead with this pandemic, they quarantined everybody whether you had the disease or not. I’m still not convinced it was a test to see if Americans would bend to having their freedoms cancelled and a “stay at home” order voluntarily obeyed.

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    2. I’m no conspiracy theorist, but I know that there are conspiracies. I simply find the coincidences of Covid-19 very odd. What are the chances? A Chinese lab specializing in HIV research receives US funding, and then it “accidentally” releases a virus, which astonishingly found its way around the world in record time, with a particular danger to a very specific test group (elders, who are on social security), for which a vaccine was miraculously manufactured in record time, but which enabled authoritarian governments to … never mind. It’s probably my over-active imagination from watching too many TV westerns that were embedded with subliminal messaging. 

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