Latest Poll: Biden “Cratering”

The Gallup Poll was the very first presidential poll to hit the public occurred back in the fall of 1935. Since that time the organization was the “go to” polling group when it came to elections, and what Americans thought about, well, about anything, really.

But back in 2016, the organization made a decision to stop the “horse race” polling as to who they thought would win the election. Of course, Donald Trump upended Hillary Clinton in that one, and very few saw it coming. So, maybe it was a good idea for Gallup to sit that one out as well. Two years later, Gallup quit the “daily presidential approval poll” that so many firms like FiveThirtyEight, and Rasmussen are still doing today.

But Gallup does do monthly presidential approval polling. And typically, though not always, if you drill down into the numbers, you’ll see that more Democrats are sampled and the weighting does favor the Democrats. Until now.

In August, Gallup had Joe Biden at 49% approving of his overall handling of his job, and 48% disapproving. That went underwater this month. Now, as of their September poll, Gallup says that Biden has 43% approval, and 53% disapproval.

What should that tell you? It should tell you that whatever he’s trying isn’t working. Biden has spent most of the month of September trying to get rid of the nasty taste that a botched withdrawal from Afghanistan would leave on anybody’s lips. Add to that the fact that Biden claimed he had this remarkable plan to end COVID, which has come roaring back with the Delta variant over the summer, and that there is absolutely nothing being done on the southern border to stem the tide of illegals pouring into our country. Add to that an economy that has been slowing down for the past five months, and an inflation rate that is at 5.25% for the past 12 months ending August 31s (which includes about five months of Trump administration policies). If you take out Trump’s part (which was about 1.3%), Biden’s number soars to over 7%. That’s scary.

It’s not just Gallup that shows Biden in trouble. Every single polling outfit out there shows the president in negative numbers. In fact, most of them are now showing him behind Donald Trump at this point in Trump’s presidency, and that makes Biden the weakest president in the eyes of Americans in the last 50 years!

What is troubling is that Biden doesn’t seem to have any answers for the above issues that Americans seem to be most concerned about. The press, even the liberal press like the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, and MSNBC are starting to question whether or not Biden can even rebound from this abyss he’s put himself in. When pressed on things like the southern border, or stranded Americans still in Afghanistan, Biden just turns and walks away from the podium. That’s not what I would call leadership. That’s called cowardism. And it’s his in spades.

K-baby Harris doesn’t fare much better. She’s been hiding out at the Naval Observatory all summer long, and hasn’t been making many public speeches. She was moot when the Supreme Court refused to block Texas’ new abortion law from going into effect, which I would have thought being a liberal woman of color she would have jumped at the chance to nail them. She didn’t. She hasn’t done anything on the southern border in two months. And every job she has been given has come up as a failure. Harris’ is at 49% approval, which is astonishingly lenient.

Biden needs a win in order to stop the slide, but to be honest I can’t see one coming soon. Oh, there’s talk the Democrats may be able to save his $3.5 trillion package of liberal Christmas decorations and pork, but nothing is for certain as the progressive and moderate sides of the Democrat party continue to fight that one out. And there’s still no concrete decision on whether or not the debt ceiling will be able to be raised. Democrats are going to have to do the heavy lifting on that one as Republicans aren’t coming to their rescue.

The odds of Biden’s approval ratings slipping into the 30’s are growing each and every day. And that would top Donald Trump’s low point at 41.1%.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

5 thoughts on “Latest Poll: Biden “Cratering”

  1. I’m not a numerologist, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last week. Biden’s numbers are SCARY CONSISTENT. Biden has demonstrated pathetic stupidity for 50 years, he’s not been right about a single political issue in 50 years, and he’s been lying through his a … um, teeth for 50 years — and now you’re saying his popularity is stuck in the lower fiftieth percentile. That is so weird.

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