Most Popular President?

You have to wonder, don’t you? Joseph Robinette Biden got over 81 million votes less than a year ago in the presidential election. He beat Donald Trump by some 7 million votes. When you look at history, and granted, the population was a lot different in the figures I’m going to show you, but it’s a pretty amazing feat.

Let’s look at a few presidents from the past and contrast and compare, shall we?

Let’s go to the election of 1860. Abraham Lincoln was elected President that year with 1.8 million votes. The population in the country was 31.4 million people, which means one of the most important and successful presidents of all time got 5.7% of the nation’s vote. In 1864 when he ran for reelection, he received 2.2 million votes or about 7.0% of the country’s vote total.

Fast forward to what Democrats call their “icon president”, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. In 1932, Roosevelt garnered 22.8 million votes out of a population of 122.7 million people. That was good for 18.6% of the nation’s votes. In 1936, he got 27.7 million votes out of the same 122.7 million people, which was good for 22.6%. And in 1940, he got 27.3 million votes, which counted as 22.2% of the nation.

Let’s check one or two more. In 1980, the election that saw what the Republicans call their last “icon president”, Ronald Reagan got 43.9 million votes out of a population of 226.5 million people. That was good for 19.3% of the nation. In 1984, he garnered 54.4 million votes for 24.0% which at the time was the highest percentage any president since George Washington had received.

Now lets go to 2020. Joe Biden won 81 million votes out of a population of 331.5 million people. That is 24.4%! So, Biden received a greater percentage of votes than anyone in history, including Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan, or any other president you care to name.

Is that possible?

My hunch is no. Let’s look at some very unscientific data from YouTube. If you look at just five at random posts from the past week and a half, from various sites (networks, local TV stations), look at the number of “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” that are received:

In each of these cases, Biden has received a whopping “thumbs down” vote, even though some of the examples don’t show that many folks taking time to register one way or another.

Further proof will come in the latest Quinnipiac poll that was released on 9/15. It shows Biden’s approval rating now at 42%, less than where Donald Trump was in September of 2017, his first year in office (Trump was at 43%). And this from a guy that has 20% of his voters claiming that they were duped and they regret voting for Biden in the first place (that’s 16 million votes if you’re counting at home).

What does this show? Biden’s performance in office has been worse than any other president in recent history…and we’ve got several that were terrible in the last 50 or 60 years. I know Dems’ love JFK, but let’s face it, his presidency wasn’t all that successful. You’ve got LBJ, who never ran for reelection because his poll numbers were upside down due to the Vietnam War. You’ve got Richard Nixon who was forced to resign, followed by Gerald Ford, one of the most inept presidents we’ve ever had…and then Jimmy Carter, the Democrats’ answer to Ford who was equally if not more inept. Then you’ve got the abortion known as Bobo Obama, who’s entire presidency was pretty well wiped out with a few signatures of Donald Trump’s pen.

That’s a lot of miserable presidents, folks! We’ve done a pretty terrible job of electing our leaders over the past half century or so. Six of the twelve presidents dating back to 1960 would have to be thrown in the “terrible” category. I’m including both parties here because both parties should hang their heads in shame. And Joe Biden is the worst of all of them? So, how does this guy get 81 million votes?

My only answer can be that yes, there was some voter fraud, I’ve never denied that. But it wasn’t enough to change the outcome of the election. My personal feeling was that the animosity toward Donald Trump was so rampant among Democrats and Independents that Trump actually energized Biden’s base and the undecideds. No one can deny that Trump was unpresidential and toxic when it came to his leadership style. That has always been my take. More people voted against Trump than for Biden.

The question is, will we see the same thing happen in 2024 or will America be fed up with Jokin’ Joe?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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  1. There’s much to be said about historical ratings of presidents but I would certainly agree that an energized base was what turned out the voters on both sides.

    Trump had a rock solid undeterred base of around 40%. I would suspect there was close to 40% who would have voted for about anyone other than Trump. There are many variables of the way the other 20% voted but I personally think COVID beat Trump.

    As for 2024? As Yogi Berra would say, “it’s hard to make predictions, particularly about the future”.

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