America Doesn’t Back “Voter Suppression Laws”

I thought this was rather interesting when I came across an article in The Washington Examiner. It basically showed a Morning Consult poll that said some 44% of Americans think it should be HARDER to vote, not easier. Only 33% felt that the current laws made it too difficult to vote. 23% either had no opinion or were unsure. Independents also favored tougher voting standards.

This flies in the face of the “voter suppression” argument that Democrats have been slogging around for years. They’ve claimed that the current laws stop the minorities and the poor from voting because it means they have to produce ID’s. Now, every single state in the country will issue you a state government issued ID to use. All you have to do is get one. I think they’re probably even free, if you don’t want to dish out whatever your state charges for a driver’s license.

All of this counteracts the Stacy Abrams claim in Georgia that their new voting laws are racist, and biased toward white supremacy. Of course, the MLB All Star Game was moved from Atlanta to Denver because of the passage of the new voting rights law. What was interesting was, Georgia’s new law is a lot less strict than Colorado’s current voting rights law is. Hmmm… MLB is starting to sound more like the NFL!

Democrats also don’t want to see voter rolls purged every once in a while, so that dead people couldn’t vote any longer (and yes…they do!). Why they consider that to be a bias and racist is beyond my paygrade. I can’t imagine why anyone that was for a free and fair election would begin to be against that. But they are.

In Texas, remember those Democrats who got on that private jet filled with Miller Light Beer and went to Washington DC? They were trying to avoid having to vote for voting rights in the Lone Star State. Of course, it didn’t work, and the Texas House and Senate ended up passing the legislation. But what was so dastardly about that bill? Republicans wanted to do away with “Drive Thru Voting”, and 24 hour early voting…both measures were put in place only because of the pandemic and weren’t meant to be permanent additions to Texas’ voting laws.

So, once again we see liberals and their argument falling of deaf ears across the country. And while the total number of people in favor of tightening up the voting laws isn’t currently 50% (according to Morning Consult), it is up by 11%. That should say something. The real question is, will Democrats be listening? My hunch is not.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

7 thoughts on “America Doesn’t Back “Voter Suppression Laws”

  1. Well doncha know ? Voter ID prevents cheating. Even Mexico and Canada requires it. You can get one even if you are homeless. Shelters will provide the ID and you can use the facility as your address and they hold the mail for you. Homeless vets can get the same arrangement at their local VA. You can also go down to the local democrat or republican headquarters. They’ll register you and assist you in getting an ID and even arrange a ride to the polling place for you !

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      1. I should have made it clearer that the “retort” was a channeling of the Democrats feelings and their ignoring of the facts.

        Thee Frugal Curmudgeon (that’s me) does NOT support the ignoring of facts. In fact, I pretty much ignore others’ feelings as well.

        I once spent 9 months nearly 40 hours a week arguing with a liberal (not a “classic liberal”) who just wouldn’t accept the “facts”. (We worked together in a non-operational computer room and just had to be in there with nothing to do.)

        I feel your pain. I have relatives that live in California and still think it is the “Golden State”. It is more like the “Golden Shower” State.

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