Where Does It End?

I don’t know if you’ve ever watched the movie, “The Truman Show”, but in it, the girl that’s in love with Truman throughout, and who got booted from the show for not following the script, ends up wearing a button saying “How Will It End”? It got me to thinking that the same thing could be true about our way of government.

Here’s my point. The president is sliding perilously close to the 40% mark, and has already breached that number in some daily approval polls. Congress has never had good approval numbers, and is actually below 30% approval (it was 28% during the past month). And now, the Supreme Court is sliding as well. Their numbers from August to September went from 49% approval to 40%. Back in July they were at 58%. Why the decline? Probably because of the Texas abortion case.

So, the fact that Americans have an eroding view of the three branches of federal government, what does that mean? I mean, where is the sliding going to end? I see one of three possible scenarios taking place, and doing so rather quickly starting in 2022.

First of all, there is the “peaceful” way of changing government. That would be to completely changeout Congress in 2022, and the president in 2024. I’m not saying dump Democrats for Republicans, because we’ve all learned by now they are basically the same. I’m saying change out the system entirely. Get rid of both parties and elect people, not parties. Elect only those committed to shrinking the size of the federal government, regardless of how they view certain issues. Do the same in 2024 with president. Re-doing the Supreme Court will take longer, but I’m personally not in favor of tampering with them much. We’ve seen the high court swing back and forth from liberal to conservative (or to a more Constitutional view) for the last two centuries.

Second, there is the chance, that all three branches of government are going to do something that is going to change our opinions of them. For that to happen, it’s going to have to require that politics isn’t played as usual anymore. It’s going to require that those in DC actually get it. Americans are fed up with the way you do things, or in the case of Congress, don’t do anything. Drop the politics and start doing the people’s business. And if they do that on their own, I would be the first to give them credit. But I’m not holding my breath on that one.

The final scenario is that the slide continues. But at what point do We The People, decide enough is enough, and have Revolution 2.0? Because as the confidence in a government wanes, the ability to have a revolution that is strong enough to overthrow one of the strongest governments on earth grows. At what point does that become feasible? Is it possible today? Not at 40% approval. Maybe if it slides to 20%, I could see there being a revolution of sorts…somewhat of an armed takeover of the government and a coup d’etat if you will. I’m not sure how far off that is, but it certainly is on the table.

One thing is clear, regardless which of the three scenarios you subscribe to. The current path of our government is unsustainable. If it were to continue, it will collapse under it’s own largesse.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

4 thoughts on “Where Does It End?

  1. In keeping with your previous post, I’m much in favor of Congress doing nothing on a regular basis on account of the fact that, from a historic viewpoint, every bad thing that has ever happened to this country was caused either directly or indirectly by the Congress of the United States. It might be cheaper, in the long run, to pay them vast sums of money and perks if they simply promise to sit there and do nothing.

    As far as the president is concerned, wouldn’t a Cray computer be an improvement over dithering, bumbling, full of crap chief executives? You can program a Cray with a logic table (If – and – then) and if that doesn’t work because there’s nothing logical about politics, we can always unplug the darn thing and move it into the state dining room.

    By the way, I offer all of the ideas to you free of charge unless you feel compelled to put me on your payroll. I’m not a minority so you don’t have to worry about affirmative action promotions and paid vacations. Well, wait. Maybe I am a minority. I haven’t checked in a few days …

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    1. Uh…first of all, I love your idea, except, I really don’t want to pay people for sitting around (Congress) doing nothing. Second, the Constitution says that the president needs to be over the age of 35. How technological is a 35 year old Cray computer? Of course, we went to the moon 52 years ago with a computer that was smaller than what’s in your cell phone. As for you being a minority, yes you are. You are a white male. That makes you a minority! Join the club!!!


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