Jobs Everywhere, And No One Works

The September Jobs Report came in this past Friday. While it was touted that we’d be adding some 506,000 new jobs to the lackluster performance this year, it fell woefully short at just 194,00 new jobs added.

It was so bad, women lost 29,000 jobs overall.

That was the big thing on Joe Biden’s Friday agenda. Oh, well, of course, there was the trip Friday evening to Delaware, so while America was wallowing in what no one will call “a recession” caused by high inflation, over-spending, and fiscal irresponsibility, Biden was going to his basement…his “safe place”.

The latest job numbers did show a rather large decline in the unemployment rate to 4.8%. The reason for the decline after such a meager showing in the actual numbers is because they refigured the numbers over the past two months. That allowed them to lower the unemployment rate. Otherwise, it most likely would have gone up.

It begs the question, if for the third month in a row, we are falling behind even the most conservative projections of where the jobs are and how many they are, what’s the problem? The problem is most people are happy sitting on their couches getting paid not to work. Oh, there ARE jobs out there for anyone that wants them. There are millions of jobs out there. But why in the world would someone want to get up, take a shower, get dressed, get the kids to daycare, and drive to work, when they can stay at home, still get paid (sometimes more than the job pays) and watch Oprah all day?

And of course, Biden is using the lack of “free daycare” and “free preschool” as a reason the jobs aren’t being filled. Actually that’s a part of it, but a small part of it. If I didn’t have to go to work and could still get paid, wouldn’t I do that? My expenses would drop significantly! And I could spend time at home with my kids, and not risk having them pick up the myriad of diseases that you get at daycare or preschool. So, I get Biden saying the reason is that people need a cheap or free daycare. The problem he’s got is, I don’t want to pay for their daycare. And neither do most Americans.

If this trend keeps up, and it was supposed to show that America was returning to normal in September, we’re headed for a major recession…much worse than the one we are in now. This recession is easily fixed. The government stops printing money and spending it. That’s the cure. The coming recession will be steeper, harder to get out of, and longer, and will spell more of a doom for the Democrats if they fail to have it fixed by November 2022. Remember, people still DO vote with their wallets.

No, the jobs report was really bad. It shows that Biden’s programs and policies are missing the mark. He needs to get people back to work, and if he can’t get the numbers of workers up, he’s going to fudge the unemployment numbers simply by saying those folks sitting on their couch are no longer looking for work and are not going to be counted as unemployed. We’ve seen that song and dance before. It’s not going to get any better!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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