How The Dems Win In 2022

Oh, don’t believe they CAN’T win in 2022. And I’m not talking about massive voter fraud. But there will be voter fraud. There always is. I’m talking about the tricks they are going to use, like they did in 2020 to win…and there will be plenty of them, just be warned.

Look back at 2020 and you saw protests and violence in the streets in several US cities. Now, most of the violence occurred in Democrat controlled cities. Places like New York, LA, Chicago, Portland, Seattle and such, where Dems have ruled the roost for a very long time. Think about the “defund the police” movement that took place in places like Milwaukee, and Minneapolis, and still to this day is a mantra of the uber-leftist snowflake socialists.

You’re going to see more of it as we work our way through 2022.

And you’re going to see a lot more threats made against you and your neighbors. You’re going to see more and more “mandates”. Oh, they may not be for mask wearing, but bet your house on it, Joe Biden and company have plenty of tricks up their sleeves. They already are trying to intimidate voters. Don Lemon at CNN wants to know your address if you express an opinion counter to his. Why does he need your address?

And look what is happening in Virginia. In that state that turned deep blue a few cycles back, Terry McAuliffe is starting to panic. Glenn Youngkin, the Republican candidate for Governor there is actually leading McAuliffe in several of the polls and leading by outside the margin of error. What’s the reason? It’s all got to do with the Democrats’ inability to get things done, and the items on their wish list are so counter that of Americans’ wish list today, that people are starting to scream “Let’s go Brandon” at McAuliffe (except they are screaming the other thing!)

I would look for Philadelphia style intimidation tactics in places like Des Moines. I would look for riots in the streets of major American cities. The more chaos and violence they can throw at you, the more they hope that can keep you home from the polls next year. McAuliffe is pretty much toast with less than a month to go unless he pulls some rabbit out of a hat. But somewhere, the Democrats may have to resort to a mail-in style coup if they can’t get the numbers going to the polls as they normally do.

And it’s looking doubtful they can do that. I’ve always said that the problem with the left is they don’t know when to stop pushing to the left. And at some point they will push too far and America will fight back. We could very well be at that point in 2022. A Democrat loss next year (and it will be foreshadowed by what happens in Virginia in a few weeks) will send them over the edge. There’s nothing more dangerous than a tiger backed into a corner. And Democrats are getting backed into a corner. Politics is their religion and winning elections is their god. The fact that Joe Biden is upside down in every single poll out there, and so is Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer, and every “generic poll” taken for Congress that it has them worried beyond belief.

On one hand, Democrats realize that if they don’t push Biden’s agenda through this year or next (which is NEVER done in an election year), they will undoubtedly never have the votes to get it done in the next two years. If they do push it through, America hates them more and more. And there is nothing they can do about it. So what do they do? They ramrod the agenda through, elections be damned. You already saw it when McConnell caved in the debt ceiling vote (and he will again). And you’ll continue to see it next year.

America…this is your chance to take back your country. And it can’t be done with a whimper. It needs to clean house. Probably needs to be done in both parties, but it needs to be done!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

7 thoughts on “How The Dems Win In 2022

      1. My personal opinion, and I can’t back this up, is that people on the left are used to living in rubble. They take gleaming cities like Detroit was at one time, and turn them into sewers. I saw it living in Toledo for 30 years. When I moved to Toledo, it was a top 50 market. It had seven Fortune 500 Companies headquartered there. It was the “Glass Capital of the World”. Today, it’s a sewer. When you’re used to living in squalor, you’re comfortable living in squalor.


  1. Yes but it’s the rich liberal elite that’s making these policies that keep people in squalor and the poor (and non citizens and graveyard dead) keep electing them. DUH !? I can’t believe that all the sports teams are remaining in these cities: Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago, Indianapolis. Who would risk taking their family downtown for a game? A cousin on Staten Island, NY recently related many store shelves, esp groceries, are empty. Biden approval rate at 42% – astonishing it’s that high. Predict crushing collapse economy and household misery next few months. I’m glad I’m old are retired and have plenty of good clothes and shoes. Will only need socks and underwear for rest of my life and I have enough toilet paper, paper towels and napkins for another year or more that I ordered in March of 2020. We’re becoming like Russia – third-world country with nukes.

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