So Who IS Running The Country?

Well, we know it ain’t Joe Biden, right? I mean the guy can’t tie his shoes. He can’t read a teleprompter without screwing up, and his policies have been an abysmal failure. In fact, according to the recent Quinnipiac poll that we highlighted yesterday, Biden is the worst president in US history.

So, who is running the country?

Who isn’t running the country would be an easier question to answer. We know it’s not Biden. We know it’s not Jill Biden, which would be a throw-back to Woodrow Wilson. We know it’s not K-baby Harris, who’s too busy redecorating the Naval Observatory to handle the southern border crisis. It isn’t Nancy Pelosi, because she’s lost control of her own party in the House of Representatives, and it isn’t Chuck Schumer. He can’t even manage Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, much less real problems!

So, that leaves out basically Democrats. Who’s left? By process of elimination, I have always felt it was George Soros. He’s rich beyond belief, he hates anything to do with America. He’s on death’s doorstep and has been for a decade. Could it be his son, Alexander? Maybe, he certainly is radical enough to follow in daddy’s footsteps. But he’s not smart enough to come up with these ideas on his own.

But according to Wayne Allyn Root, writing in Townhall, it’s someone (or a lot of someone’s) more malicious than that. It’s the Chinese Communist Party.

China has long had their tentacles into the United States. They’ve invested heavily in our debt. They’ve bribed politicians (just ask Eric Swalwell, the California Representative that had a Chinese spy on his staff for years). And they’ve gone after both parties. When you think of it, and take a look at some reverse engineering of the whole situation, China makes a lot of sense. Why is it that people like Joe and Hunter Biden, people like Arizona Senator, Mark Kelly went to China for funding? Because they had the cash, would give it freely if you promised them that you’d do their bidding in the United States. And once you’re in bed with Big Red, you’re in bed for life. They let fewer people out of their grasp than the Mafia does.

Why haven’t you heard much in opposition to the Chinese war games near Taiwan? Why hasn’t the United States complained about it? Why was there opposition to Trump calling COVID the “China Virus”? Does it have to do with the fact that most of the current evil we’re seeing around the country stems from Beijing being puppet masters for our current slate of politicians, including the “most powerful man in the world”?

And what is it that China hopes to get out of all of this? Taking over America or will they just be content being the most powerful nation on earth? Only those inside Tieneman Square know for sure. All I know for sure is that I am NEVER eating fried duck’s feet!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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