Build Back Better?

Joe Biden must have hired a third grader when he decided to go with this as his slogan for his term as president. I will agree, however, that it is much better than his previous campaign slogan of “No Malarkey”, which was an abject failure from the beginning.

But can we parse these words a little bit to see if they make any sense?

BUILD: According to, there are two definitions for this word. The first is “to construct (especially something complex) by assembling and joining parts or materials”, and the second is “to establish, increase, or strengthen”. Well, it seems to me that the first definition is probably the more accurate, though Biden would want you to believe more in the second definition. The only thing Biden has been constructing over the past nine months in office is chaos. He hasn’t been necessarily assembling or joining any materials…in fact, he’s pretty well kept them all off shore with his COVID mandates. His second definition is to establish, increase or strengthen. He’d like you to believe that he’s strengthening America. Actually, he’s strengthening socialism.

BACK: Again, using, “to go or move backward”. Now, in order to go backward, you have to have been there in the past. Unless you’re looking back to the mid 1930’s to mid 1940’s when FDR was president, you’re probably not going to find a more socialist leaning president. There’s nothing really that we’re going “back” to. So, this word is utter nonsense.

BETTER: And finally, “of superior quality or excellence” or “morally superior; more virtuous”. There is nothing of superior quality or excellence that Biden has done in office, and that’s been recognized by a majority of Americans. In fact, if Biden were to run for reelection today, pretty much any of the 17 people that tried to be the Republican nominee in 2016 would beat him hands down. No, he’s looking more at the second definition, but there’s nothing morally superior or virtuous about socialism. It is an ill, a pock on society that festers and bleeds until it consumes it’s host.

Joe Biden has been a failure as president of the United States of America. There are very few politicians I can think of that have had a life-long career in politics, finally made it to the pinnacle of their profession, and have failed so miserably at the final job. I was going to say Obama or Carter in this example, but Obama never had as long of a career in anything, and Carter only held three different political offices, State Senator, Governor of Georgia, and President. And I’m seriously beginning to wonder if Carter was as big a failure as what Joe Biden has become.

It sort of reminds me of the movie, “Kingpin”, with Woody Harrelson and Randy Quaid (and Bill Murray). If you’ve never seen it, it was a bowling movie and Harrelson plays a guy named Roy Munson. He is a loser on the pro bowling tour, and people start using the word “Munson” as a sort of slang for “loser”. I kind of wonder if we’re going to be referring to people that are totally incompetent as being a “Biden”? It’s worth a thought!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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