CNN: Bad News For Dems

Now, you’d expect this if it came from Breitbart, or Newsmax, or even Fox News. But this story comes ripped out of the pages of That’s right…one of the most hate-filled, liberal, snowflake, socialist networks in human existence. In fact, CNN has become so far left wing, that Venezuela refuses to quote them anymore because they are now left of Nicolas Maduro.

CNN warns it’s base that the latest Gallup poll says that Americans favor the generic Republican party more than the generic Democrat party to run this country in pretty much every category. On security, America favors the GOP 54-38% over the Democrats. On prosperity, it’s 50-41%. Those gaps for the GOP are the largest since 2015 for security, and 2014 for prosperity.

There have been huge declines since last year as well. Democrats’ ratings fell from 42 to 31% when asked who was better at handling “the most important issues”. At “keeping the nation secure”, the numbers tumbled from 43 to 31%. And “keeping the nation prosperous went from 47% a year ago to 35% now. The poll was taken the first two weeks of September.

The one thing CNN does point out that is historically accurate (GASP!), is that heading into midterm elections, presidents who’s popularity and approval ratings are on the decline predict a huge whitewashing loss in the midterm election. As far as Biden’s approval ratings are concerned, he’s in the 30’s now, and is the weakest president in United States history. In fact, it’s so bad that over 20% of his own party is saying they strongly disapprove of him. I can’t remember a US president that had that problem (not even Donald Trump at his worst!)

Now, we are 13 months away from the midterm elections. That’s an eternity in politics, and if you don’t believe me, just ask George HW Bush (if he was still around). He was at 89% back in early March of 1991. 20 months later, he lost to Bill Clinton (because no other Democrat wanted to run against him with an 89% approval rating. Only one president had a higher rating…his son George W. Bush was at 90% two weeks after 9/11. That soon fell. So, just because someone is down on their luck now doesn’t mean that they can’t bounce back. Just as someone that was universally hailed as a great leader can’t fall from grace in a short period of time.

But if the GOP holds firm, and the Democrats keep screwing up in Congress, and Biden is…well, if Biden is Biden, then the GOP is in good shape for the midterms!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

6 thoughts on “CNN: Bad News For Dems

  1. Oh yes, on all these national and international issues republicans riding high for 2022 and 2022 BUT the abortion ban attempts like in Texas is going to prohibit millions of democrats (and republicans and independents) from voting republican. They may blow the whole chance over abortion. Then the democrat socialists will abort the Constitution and our whole military.


    1. Hmmm….I’m not so sure I’d necessarily agree with that Carl. I think the tidal wave has started. It just hasn’t reached any shoreline yet. We’ll need to wait and see….still a year away!!! Anything can happen!


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