Has COVID Mandates Run Their Course?

It was less than two weeks ago, Southwest Airlines had to cancel literally thousands of flights. They said it was because of weather, and Air Traffic Control. However, other airlines fly where Southwest flies. And they didn’t cancel flights. So, Southwest basically lied to the nation. Why?

It was because of Biden’s COVID Vaccine Mandate.

Airlines are tied very securely to the government. And when Biden wants “government workers” and “government anything” to be tied to a mandate of his, the airlines have to follow suit. That’s what Southwest did. Unfortunately, the pilots, flight attendants, maintenance folks, baggage handlers, ticket agents and gate agents had a different idea and called off rather than get a vaccine, for whatever reason.

But while Southwest (and others) were facing these pushbacks from their employees, like hospitals, police forces, and other essential workers, one company has stood tall. Delta Airlines CEO, Ed Bastian has said that Delta is going to be doing away with a vaccine mandate.

And while it sounds as if Bastian is spitting in Joe “Brandon” Biden’s face, you need to realize WHY he’s doing it. Delta says that 90% of their employees are already vaccinated, and by the time they lift the mandate, they’ll be at 95%. I don’t know (and Bastian didn’t state) whether that included folks that had exemptions for religious and other reasons.

What you’re starting to see in this country is a pushback against Biden’s socialistic power grab. Look at his flailing approval numbers. They are the lowest in history. Look at how nurses, doctors, police and fire, EMT first responders are all quitting their jobs, or being fired for failing to follow Biden’s vaccine mandate. These people would rather be unemployed than have the government tell them what to do with something that should be their own decisions.

What I continue to find interesting, and I’ve said this before. Democrats are falling in line to a point with Biden on these vaccine mandates…telling people what they HAVE to do as far as health goes. Yet, they don’t want the government telling women what they HAVE to do when it comes to abortion. There seems to be a rather large disconnect with logic and consistency on this one. I have yet to hear one member of the media, anywhere, from any source, ask any question as to why the government can enforce a mandate in one area, but not the other. And the whole argument that “Vaccine mandates effect more than just the woman. Yeah. Tell that to the aborted baby!

I’m not saying that the vaccine is bad. I’m saying that if we are going to allow abortion in this country and we can’t tell a woman what to do with her body, then you can’t tell anyone in America what they can and cannot do with their body. I got my vaccine as soon as I could. My wife was in the “at risk” category, and frankly the risk of a vaccine doing damage to her was far less than COVID doing damage to her. That and the fact, we wanted to travel and knew that you couldn’t really do squat without a vaccine. But I would never say that the federal government has a right to mandate to you that you HAVE to get a vaccine. That should be between you and your healthcare professional.

Do I think that vaccines make sense? Yes. In most cases they do. They have a pretty long history of eradicating some of the most deadly diseases known to man. There are tons of diseases that we no longer fear because of vaccines. Are they perfect? Of course not. Show me one thing in medicine that is! But again, that is up to you. I don’t judge you if you don’t want to take a vaccine for this or anything else. You are smart enough (I hope) to do the research, and come up with your own solution if a vaccine makes sense for you or not. That goes not just for COVID, but for the flu, for HPV, for Shingles, for Chicken Pox and Whooping Cough, and Polio, and all the other MMR stuff we all took as kids. It’s your choice. And the government should stay the hell out of it.

In fact, this is just one area the government needs to stay out of. There are many. Maybe one day, we can list all of the areas the government is over-stepping because snowflake liberals decide that government takes better care of you than you do. After all, they’re much smarter than the rest of us. That’s why they’re in government after all, right?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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