Christmas Woes

I really haven’t shopped for a lot of Christmas gifts in an awfully long time. To be honest, I used to enjoy going out and getting my kids presents, but they’re grown and on their own now. I haven’t followed the latest trends in what kids want for years, and am happy my kids, who know better than I what my grandkids want, get a check from me and include that in their holiday shopping. My wife and I decided a very long time ago that we would each go out and buy ourselves what we wanted (within reason), and call that our Christmas gift from the other.

But there are a lot of folks out there that are thinking this Christmas may not be really a very merry one. That’s because of mask mandates, and shipping problems, mostly at two California ports, Los Angeles, and Long Beach. There are tons of ships right now sitting off the west coast loaded with goods, basically from China, that can’t get to the ports.

Now Joe Biden has stepped in to help.

And while I’m thinking that what he’s saying does indeed make sense, I’m worried because everything “Brandon” has touched since getting into office has turned to horse manure.

But I think his many different committees and commissions have come up with ideas that I’m surprised haven’t been thought of before. Joe says we need to have the ports working 24/7 to get the goods to the store shelves. You mean they haven’t been??? That is probably a solution that my youngest grandson could have come up with in his sleep. I’m really surprised that Biden had to wait until this became such a problem, with shortages almost guaranteed at this point for the holiday shopping season, before deciding to act. But at least they’re on the right track with more hours spent at the piers unloading ships!

The overriding question is, will it work? Well, Microsoft likes to take polls on occasion after some of their news stories. What’s interesting on this one, when they asked whether Biden’s plan would improve his overall approval rating. Here are the results:

36% said it would make his approval rating better

30% said it would make his approval rating worse

28% said it wouldn’t make a difference

5% weren’t sure

1% had no response.

This is pretty much in line with the latest Quinnipiac Poll that showed the president getting a 38% approval rating. Which tells me the damage is done, and it ain’t going to get better any time soon.

Look, I’m thinking the idea of making our ports 24/7 facilities is certainly a step in the right direction, and one I’m shocked we haven’t been doing before! But the fact only 36% say that Biden’s approval numbers will go up because of this shows me that most Americans have given up on him, and his politics. When 58% are now saying they are sure that his numbers may even fall after this (which I’m calling a decent idea), or at the very least won’t move the needle, that tells me it looks like Joe is going to be getting a lump of coal in his stocking for Christmas.

I guess that’s better than a lump on the head!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

6 thoughts on “Christmas Woes

  1. I don’t believe keeping the ports open 24 hours will make a bit of difference! The problem is there aren’t enough longshoremen to off load the ships or truck drivers to get the products to the stores!

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      1. One thing in the future that would help would be if they changed the tax laws, but unfortunately it wouldn’t be in the direction the Dem’s would sign onto. “Just in Time” shipping came into existence because business’ were being taxed on their inventory. If the tax laws were changed so that the tax on the product was only due once it was actually sold, I think you would see business’ replenish their inventories and keep more items in stock?

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      2. That may help, but I think that is a secondary problem in this case. The major problem is that Biden kept paying people to stay home and the trucking industry and the shipping industry can’t find enough people. If they could, they’d probably work 24/7. Taxes certainly could help, but if you don’t have the people working, it’s tough to get goods from point A to point B.


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