Now For Something A Little Different

Yeah…no politics today. Today is one of a few days a year, I dedicate this blog to someone or something else. I do it at Christmas, and Easter. I do it on Memorial Day. I do it today, and I do it in early December. I do it because it’s personal, and I want the world to know how lucky I am.

Today’s my wife’s birthday.

It may not seem like a big deal, but it is to me. I can’t believe I’ve been married 43 years to this woman. It seems like yesterday. We’ve had one incredible life together. We’ve raised two wonderful kids, and they’ve gone out and raised two wonderful kids each. So, today, I celebrate with her.

I’ll never forget when we were in college. We were dating, and I need to preface this by saying I wasn’t the best boyfriend. I was two-timing…because when I came to college, I had been dating someone. But when I met this lady, all of that went out the window…it just took me a while to realize what she meant to me. Anyway, there I was a million miles away from home, and on my 19th birthday, this wonderful girl went home the weekend before and made me a birthday cake. I still call it the best birthday present I ever got. The fact she went out of her way and gave up a weekend just to do something like that for me was incredible.

And she’s been that way ever since.

She loves to give to others. She’s done that her whole life. She spent a career in long-term care as an activities director. She was one of the best I’ve ever seen back east. And when we moved out here, she wanted to go back to work. Every single place she interviewed at offered her a job. Now, in this particular community, there are like 50 nursing homes. She was so sought after that the last place she worked at were bound and determined that they were going to hire from within, but they ended up splitting the job into two so they could hire my wife.

Even to this day, after she’s been retired for six years, she continues to help others and think of strangers before she thinks of herself. I only wish I could have that kind of compassion! She is truly one of a kind.

So, today, while this is short, I wish her a Happy Birthday. We will celebrate as we always celebrate our birthdays. She will choose where we go out to dinner this evening. And knowing her, she will go for something that she loves but rarely gets. She truly is the most wonderful woman on the planet, and I can’t begin with wish her another 65 years!

Happy Birthday Honey!

Carry on world…and thanks for indulging me…You’re dismissed!

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