Quickest Way To Having The Media Turn On You

Joe Biden has been in a tailspin for months. It’s obvious that the folks that are running this country (and according to Rasmussen, that’s now a majority of Americans who believe someone other than Biden is in charge) are unable to get the ship righted. There’s a pretty good reason for that.

You can blame it on the media.

That’s right. You can blame it on places like the New York Times, the Washington Post, NPR, MSNBC, and even CNN. And why would these liberal snowflake networks and “news” outlets turn on their guy in the White House? It’s because the people that are handling Joe Biden aren’t given the left-wing mainstream media types the access that they feel they deserve. Let’s look at the numbers.

At this point in the Obama presidency, Bobo had done 131 one-on-one interviews. Hell, he was being interviewed by the homeless people in Lafayette Park. He’d talk to everybody and anybody. The press loved that! And you saw that the press gave him basically free reign to do what he wanted to. Donald Trump had 57 one-on-one interviews at this time in his presidency. The main reason Trump wasn’t as highly rated as Obama was because he called the press out on the crappy questions they were known to hit him with. He had no problem telling the reporters that they worked for lousy organizations, and that they were biased. Reporters don’t like to hear that (even though they know it’s the truth). And what about Joe Biden? Since he’s been in office, he’s averaged about one one-on-one interview a month. That’s 10 total.

When the press feels that you’re restricting their access to the top dog, they don’t feel they can do their job appropriately. When Biden doesn’t sit down with people, the media has nothing to talk about. There is no ego stroke for the reporters, and there is nothing “exclusive” going on. This “teleprompter president” has taken the media out of the mix. That’s something they aren’t used to, nor something they like.

And you’ve started to see the results. When you turn your back on the media, they begin turning on you. And the negative stories about crappy supply chains, and shortages in store shelves, no Christmas presents for the kiddies, bad happenings at the southern border, a lousy economy, terrible jobs numbers, lies about getting rid of student loan debt, and then not following through with it, it’s all fodder for the media. Oh, they’d LOVE to write something positive. But since Biden can’t be trusted to get a cogent speech across to them, he has to be muzzled. And that’s what the media doesn’t want.

As someone that has interviewed thousands of people in my career, both famous and non-famous, I can tell you that if you’re going to be interviewed and you have nothing interesting to say, you are going to have a short interview. If the person doing the interview feels that they can’t get something compelling and exciting out of you, it’s going to be wrapped up quickly and the interview will never see the light of day. That’s exactly what’s happening to Joe Biden.

And Biden seems content with that. Of course, when he doesn’t sit down with the media, the media make up their own stories, and not all of them are going to be positive. In fact, most of them won’t have anything positive in them.

Maybe it’s a good thing that Biden’s handlers aren’t letting him sit down with the press. I mean, I’m not sure what is worse, a president that stumbles his way through an interview and makes gaffe after gaffe, or a president that won’t sit down with the media, and they take it out on him by writing less than positive stories about him. Either way, you see what’s happening to his approval rating (now in the 30’s).

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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