Who HASN’T Biden Upset?

To say Joe Bide has upset Republicans and moderate to conservative independent voters is a no brainer. But it goes far beyond that. Joe Biden apparently has made it his goal to become the least successful president in United States history. And it appears that could very well be the only goal Biden can achieve at this point.

So the question is, who hasn’t Joe Biden upset in his first nine months in office?

Obviously conservatives, and independents. He’s fallen in the approval ratings to 37% among independent voters and just 5% of Republican voters think he’s doing a good job. But there is a growing list of Democrats and liberals that are upset at him as well. Let’s examine why.

Biden first got into office and wanted to be “transformational”. Do you remember that word being used by another recent administration? Bobo Obama used it throughout his 2008 campaign. And when he got into the White House, he tried. Two years later, and getting crapped on in the midterms, he realized that transformational change can’t happen in DC. Apparently, Jokin’ Joe missed that meeting.

Instead of being transformational, Biden seems to have hit as the eye of the perfect storm in the Democrat party. On one hand you’ve got the moderates, and there are still a lot of them out there. These are people like Joe Manchin, Kyrsten Sinema and the like (and there are plenty in the House as well) that DINO’s (Democrats in name only). They believe in tradition. They believe in fiscal responsibility. And they believe in America. Then you’ve got the socialist snowflakes. They don’t believe in tradition. They want to destroy America so they can rebuild it into their socialist panacea. And they have no desire to be responsible when it comes to spending other people’s money. And there’s Joe Biden, stuck in the middle. The guy that told the world he could work across the aisle and bring Republicans and Democrats together can’t even bring his own party together.

And let’s take a look at the people that got him elected. Young voters (18-30), came to Biden in droves because he promised to erase student loan debt. He promised to make college free. He failed on both accounts. You’ve got the environmentalist crowd that was all excited when one of Biden’s first duties was to cancel the Keystone XL Pipeline project, even though it was well underway. He cancelled thousands of jobs on that one. But since then, his climate change initiative has stalled in Congress as the moderates and the socialists fight over the spending amounts. And it doesn’t look like his climate change proposal will look anything like he wants it to.

Biden wanted to transform our immigration system. He wanted to go back to the days of “Give us your tired, poor huddled masses yearning to be free!” Instead, he’s opened the southern border to just about every Latin American that has the ability to walk several hundred miles, bringing all sorts of COVID into the country. He doesn’t have a plan on how to solve the border issue, and hasn’t even visited the border in the nine months he’s been in office. And his Vice President, K-baby Harris, who was appointed early on as the point person to solve the border crisis, visited El Paso, Texas once. Just once. She was there for about 85 minutes, shook a few hands, and left. Nothing accomplished there.

Then you’ve got the anti-gun lobby. They were juiced when during the primary debates last year, Biden stood up and said he was going to do something about all of the shootings in this country. Of course, that hasn’t happened, and liberal run cities like St. Louis, Chicago, New York, Seattle, Portland, and Los Angeles are still war zones with shootings and killings every single night of the week. No one has gotten rid of anyone’s guns. Not even in Chicago, where it’s still illegal to carry a gun in the city. That hasn’t stopped the shootings. And Joe Biden sits in his basement in Delaware wondering how it all went so wrong.

Then you’ve got the supply chain crisis. Over 100 ships are currently stacked up off Long Beach, California with literally tens of thousands of containers filled with merchandise. Maybe it’s a Christmas present you’ve ordered for your kids or grandkids. Maybe it’s a food item that’s coming in from overseas. Maybe it’s a sweater. It could be anything. But the lack of longshormen workers and truckers to move the merchandise is causing such a backup it’s going to take a year to sort out. And Transportation Secretary, Pete Buttigieg is content to stay at home on “maternity” leave with his gay husband and newly adopted daughter, saying everyone else has that right for maternity leave, why not me?

And then you’ve got the economy. Because of Biden’s unwillingness to adhere to fiscal responsibility, he’s printed so much money, and overspent so much on crap we don’t need (with more in the pipeline), that inflation which had been at about 1 to 1.5% under Donald Trump is now five times that and growing. That has slowed the economy. Jobs are plentiful because until September, Biden had been paying people extra just to sit on their couch and watch TV. The economy teeters on the brink of a major recession, and Biden doesn’t even realize it. His jobs numbers come in a half a million jobs below the estimate and he’s happy to have added a hundred thousand jobs to the picture.

We haven’t even begun to talk about foreign policy goofs. The botched Afghanistan withdrawal, where Americans are still there living in fear and in hiding from the Taliban because Biden left them behind. We haven’t mentioned the Critical Race Theory that socialist teacher’s unions have foisted upon Boards of Education all over the country. We haven’t talked about how it’s ok for rioters to loot and burn in the street and it’s only a misdemeanor, yet parents who show up to give their Boards of Education hell for not educating their kids properly are being deemed “terrorists” by the FBI?

The Democrats that elected Joe Biden saw a once in a generation opportunity to get their agendas passed. What they’ve received with their hard work is a guy that can’t work with his own party, much less the rest of the Congress. He’s out of touch with not only America, but reality. Even Joe starts chanting “Let’s Go Brandon!” not realizing what those people in the stands at sporting events around the country are really yelling.

America has been upset by Joe Biden. About the only people that aren’t are Jill Biden, Ron Klain, Chuckie Schumer, and Nancy Pelosi. I have a feeling they’ll all be getting theirs in just over a year!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

14 thoughts on “Who HASN’T Biden Upset?

  1. It seems to me he hasn’t upset any of the millions of assholes that voted for him. I had to endure 4 years of hate and lies against Trump on social media and they are now completely silent despite all Biden’s disasters. They are beyond mere disasters. He has threatened the security and very foundations of the whole country.

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    1. I think I would have to disagree with you on that one ol’ friend. I think that when 20% of Biden voters say that they regret voting for him, and they were mostly Democrat, that says something loud and clear. In fact, I think if the election between the two were held today, it wouldn’t even be close. Trump would win with at least 60% of the popular vote!

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