Can Biden’s Numbers Get Any Worse?

The short answer is yes. Actually, they are worse than what’s being reported to you. The latest Quinnipiac poll that was released a couple of weeks ago showed Biden with a 38% approval rating. Now, that’s bad by anybody’s stretch of imagination. You’re not getting your way with anything you want with 38% on your side.

But it gets worse.

When you take the latest poll numbers, and dig down a little deeper you find that the “strongly disapprove” numbers were at 45%. The “strongly approve” numbers were at 20%. And therein lies one of two rubs against the Democrats. The first problem is, if you answer polling at all, and say that you’re “strongly” either for or against someone, the chances of you switching to the other side are practically nil. That means that 45% of respondents in this poll have no chance becoming even a slight fan of Biden’s over the course of the next year. And 20% will never be against him. That’s a major problem for Democrats in Congress who will most likely lose both houses come next November unless there is an historic turnabout.

If you look at Biden’s personality numbers, his “likeability” if you will, it’s the same thing. While 46% deem his personality as “favorable”, and 53% say it’s unfavorable, the “very unfavorable” come in at 40%, while the “very favorable” come in at 26%.

Now, in all fairness, when you look at the latest poll involving Donald Trump (in The Economist, a very liberal publication), HIS “very unfavorable” numbers were as bad if not worse. He was 48% “very unfavorable” and 25% “very favorable. Almost identical to Biden’s. That means if Biden runs in 2024 against Trump, most people will view it as the “lesser of two evils”. Of course, that’s if you believe the Economist poll, and I’m a little skeptical on that one!

The other thing to realize is, and we’ve covered this before, Biden is upside down big time in every single category of policy on the board. Jobs and economy, healthcare, abortion, crime, the border crisis, the shipping fiasco, Afghanistan withdrawal, COVID, and even civil rights are under water. And civil rights is a Democrat issue!

But the biggest problem Democrats have going into 2022 is the lack of enthusiasm. Even the most enthused Biden fan isn’t ready to get off the couch and go and vote. That’s because a majority of Americans now think that government is trying to do too much. They think that government has gotten too bloated, too big, and too intrusive in our lives. And over 50% now say that they are worse off today than they were just one year ago. That’s an incredible turnaround. After all, we should be coming out of COVID, right? We have some ten million jobs available out there. We have an unemployment rate over 5%, and still no one wants to go back to work. Cities like Chicago are starting to consider initiating “universal income” to every citizen (as if Illinois isn’t going bankrupt fast enough?)

People are just not enthused with the way they see the government working. And that’s both parties. Both parties have over 60% of polling respondents saying that they are not happy with Democrats or Republicans. While that should give the Dems’ a little hope for next year, it’s not going to be enough to stem the tide of what could end up being one of the biggest landslides we’ve seen in 40 years!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

4 thoughts on “Can Biden’s Numbers Get Any Worse?

  1. Just before work this morning, I completed tomorrow’s post. Part of that post is the following tweet and the observation/questions after that:
    [ tweet ]
    This nation was once founded on Christian principles. One central principle was that one person did not get punished for another person’s “sins.”

    Please explain to me how:
    1. Biden has turned either non-compliance or COVID into a crime and
    2. How businesses get punished for having employees that don’t comply.

    I will wait for an answer.

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    1. I’ll do my best, Mark. 1. Biden’s “mandates” for both mask and vaccines have been turned into a crime so he can better use it as a weapon to get people to follow his lead. He basically has said many times that the reason COVID is still around is because unvaccinated people aren’t wearing masks, and that they aren’t getting poked. That in reality, is not consistent with his views on say, abortion, that says a woman has a right to do with her body as she wishes. If that’s the case, and he believes it, then he should feel the same way about getting vaccinated (not just with COVID, but other stuff as well). 2. The business mandate that is going into effect in January punishes our economy, individuals who choose not to get vaccinated, and the companies that employ them because according to Biden (and it WILL be tested in court), he is making them get vaccinated or tested weekly. While I understand Biden is afraid of COVID because he himself is weak and frail, it’s not his place to foist that fear on everyone. It’s inconsistent, and doesn’t work. Now, having said that, back a century ago, the Supreme Court DID say that certain segments of society could be forced to undergo vaccines (Jacobson v. Massachusetts, 1905), but that it was the STATES that could make that call, not the federal government.
      Hope that helps!


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