COP26 Named As One Large Polluter!

You know it had to happen. In an age of “Rules for thee, but not for me”, the United Nations’ big COP26 eco-summit in Scotland apparently wants you and me and the rest of the world to stop traveling, to stop eating cows, to stop breathing, to do anything to lower our “carbon footprint” to help stop what has scientifically been classified as a “natural climate change” happening. The problem is, the folks that showed up in Glasgow aren’t walking the walk…just talking the talk, and that of course, means more carbon dioxide being spewed into the air.

Apparently, there were monitors on the ground in Glasgow for the COP26 summit that measured the amount of carbon footprint from the attendees of the summit. And as usual, it showed something quite amazing. The emissions from the COP26 summit were twice as high as the previous UN summit. That means that all of the hundreds of private jets flying one and two people into Scotland for the summit, all of the multi-car motorcades driving all of the attendees around town for a few days, did nothing but raise the emissions level in that town.

And of course, our own guy was the cause for a lot of it. Not only did Joe Biden arrive in the larges private plane on the planet, Air Force One, but he had an 80 car motorcade that followed him around wherever he wanted to go. Stop off at McDonalds for a burger? 80 cars in line at the drive thru. Want to go back to the hotel for a quick nap? 80 cars heading back along with him.

This is what really gets me about these eco-terrorists. They cry that the world can’t take you going to soccer practice or dance practice, and living you life as you want to. They want to preach to you every time you throw out a pop bottle rather than recycle it. They scream that having the house at 70 degrees in the winter is abusive to the planet and that we need to get rid of all air travel, all cars that aren’t electric, all of the fossil fuels out there that make this planet spin. Yet, they are the ones who use the most energy, they are the ones in the private jets flying to these conferences all over the world in their Lear Jets. They are the ones that don’t give a hoot how much pollution they cause because it’s not about them, and it’s not about pollution. It’s about power. It’s about restricting your freedoms.

Look, I’ve written on this many times. Our Earth has survived millions of years of abuse the likes of which mankind couldn’t even scratch the surface of. Our own planet causes more destruction and pollution through one major volcanic eruption than mankind does in a year of driving cars around. We’ve had ice ages where the planet went into a deep freeze. We’ve warmed up from them without any additional carbon dioxide being thrown into the atmosphere. You don’t hear about that, do you? And no scientist can tell you how it is that we went into ice ages and came out of them all by Earth doing her thing.

No, it’s mankind that’s causing this. No, actually it’s the ego of these liberal snowflakes that are causing this. They are so void of perception that they cannot fathom the idea that our Earth is a cyclical being of it’s own. It warms, it cools. It floods, it has droughts. It builds it’s own new lands through volcanic eruptions, and takes land away through earthquakes. It yins and yangs. In short, our Earth takes care of itself.

Having said that, it’s important to understand what I’m NOT saying here. I’m NOT saying that we should go our and arbitrarily pollute our rivers, contaminate our air, and ravage our land. We ARE after all, stewards of this big blue marble, and yes, we do need to take care of it. But in the ongoing mis-step of liberals everywhere, they do as they always do…they take things too far. They do it for a few reasons. They want you to believe you’re not smart enough to live your life as you choose, that they have to tell you how to do that. They have to make the decisions for you. They want you to have less freedoms, so they can have more power. That’s what’s really standing in their way. As long as you have the freedom to move about the world as you choose, they cannot put you under their thumb and hold you down. It has nothing to do with the Earth and saving the planet. Only those naive high school dropouts who want to “change the world” believe that this has anything to do with saving the planet. Educated people know damn well what this is about.

And so, we go from eco-summit to eco-summit, with hundreds of private jets polluting the host cities, and no apologies in sight from Greta Thunberg. As she would say, “How dare you!”

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

6 thoughts on “COP26 Named As One Large Polluter!

  1. You’re exactly right, sir. The hypocrisy of these people is mind-numbing. A few years back, I worked for a major publishing company whose clients insisted that company representatives fly to their cities to meet, greet, and discuss. I guess the clients didn’t understand that we were billing them for all this flying about and staying in the best hotels. What I didn’t understand is why we didn’t do video conferencing. I brought this subject up more than a few times and the answer I received was always the same: “It’s what the client wants.”

    Video conferencing would seem (to me) to be the example environmentalists would want to establish, particularly in light of the Covid environment, but — no. The cost of supporting Biden’s entourage must have been extraordinary because flying in vehicular support, tasked to the Air Force, and paid for by the American taxpayer, had to be “off the page.” As you say, pure arrogance on the part of the environmental justice warriors, and stupid. Well, they are “the entitled” and our task is to sit down and shut up … except that the rest of us find it impossible to take seriously anything they tell us.

    I enjoy George Carlin’s take on “saving the planet.” I wish he’d have delivered that rant with less profanity, but that aside, it would be difficult for anyone to argue with his conclusions.

    Another great essay and I thank you for taking the time to post it.

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    1. And as always, I appreciate the time you take to let me know what you think. You’re very insightful and intelligent! And you’re so right. In fact, to take your theory further, our federal government could be done that way rather than sending everyone to Washington, DC! Talk about a savings!!! Time to get out of the 18th Century, dontcha think???


  2. The eco left green socialists want their demands met despite any and all consequences. They will start defunding our military to fund more socialist fluff. Do they think ships and aircraft and vehicles are powered by twisted rubber bands like the balsa airplanes we had as kids ?

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