Biden’s Biggest Problem Isn’t The Voters

When you have to take a look at the predicament Joe Biden finds himself in, you would naturally look at his approval rating at 38%, his chances for maintaining a majority, however slim, in the House and Senate, so his misguided agenda could move forward. You might look at the infighting that’s occurring between the progressive socialist snowflakes and the more moderate Democrats, which has been basically the only reason it took him all of this time to pass a signature infrastructure bill that 62% of the people in this country wanted. But that’s not Joe Biden’s biggest problem. Nor is it the Democrats’ biggest problem.

Kamala Harris is their biggest problem.

I’m sure you’ve heard by now that there has been infighting between Biden’s advisors and staff and Harris’. The reason is relatively easy to discern. Harris is not a leader. She has fumbled the ball every time it’s been given to her. Now, there’s debate as to whether Biden gave her tasks that he didn’t want to do because he knew that they would have an unpopular outcome regardless which way they went, and he was trying to shield himself. Or maybe, I’m be way too kind to think he has that much planning capability. Either way, K-baby Harris has done nothing right since she’s been in her current post. She has an approval rating that’s now 10 points lower than Biden’s. She’s got all sorts of Democrats betting that Biden isn’t going to run for reelection in 2024, and that she’s not going to be nearly strong enough to carry the ball across the line if she decided to run.

The rumor I’ve heard a lot lately is that Biden is trying to figure a way out of this mess. He knows if something were to happen to him, either he has a stroke, dies, or gets 25th Amendmented, that she would be there to take over. And while she has been an even bigger buffoon than he has been, nothing she’s done so far rises to the level of impeachment. The rumor is that Biden is thinking of actually promoting her up the ladder to get her out of the White House by nominating her to the Supreme Court should Steven Breyer retire or die. But like most of Biden’s other plans, I don’t think this one has been thought through carefully. First of all, I don’t know if there are the votes in the Senate to get her approved. She’s pissed off a lot of people in the upper chamber while she was there, and a lot more since she left. Confirmation is nowhere near certain. And that’s more egg on Biden’s face that Jill needs to wipe off.

My feeling is that Biden needs to get her to resign, which I don’t see happening either. I mean, if you were in a job that you couldn’t be fired from, and you knew you were in over your head, but it was a cushy job and when you’re done, you could retire to a life of luxury at a relatively young age of 57, wouldn’t you want to hang on for as long as you could? So, resignation is out of the question. Short of being impeached, there are few other options on the table.

And that is Joe Biden’s dilemma. He made a terrible choice for Vice President, and as was the case with Bobo Obama, being the first woman Vice President, and first person of color as Vice President, she hasn’t done her race or her gender proud. At least Obama played like he was a success. Harris can’t even do that. She’s been an unmitigated failure. Even Democrats are saying that.

Oh, if you really look at the uber-leftist snowflakes, they are saying that the reason Harris is getting all of this negative attention is because Americans are racist or misogynistic. Neither is really a factor in this case. Harris is getting this negative attention for the same reason Dan Quayle got all of the negative attention he got under George HW Bush. He was an idiot and never deserved to be in the position in the first place.

There is no easy solution if you’re Joe Biden. Your best bet is to keep your head down, hope you don’t die in office, or have some debilitating disease, and make it to 2024 on your own so you can gracefully step down. After all, he wanted to be the president that was totally different than Donald Trump. I think he’s succeeded at that. He’s been a flop by all accounts.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

5 thoughts on “Biden’s Biggest Problem Isn’t The Voters

  1. I agree with your analysis and conclusions. I’m guessing that a discussion has already taken place within the Biden camp about what to do about Harris. The subsequent level of activity of “secret operatives” will depend on how critical Biden’s handlers view the problem. We might discern a trend of problem/solution within the Democratic Party apparatus by observing what happens to people who ‘get in the way.’ There was the extreme case of Vince Foster, but the less extreme but equally effective case of Petraeus, Flynn — all of which “solved” for N. Now, if there is anyone “out there” who doesn’t think solving for N really exists, I have a bridge for sale.

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  2. There really is an easy solution! Just promise Hilary Clinton that if something we’re to happen to K-baby she could serve as VP.
    You know what happens to people associated with the Clinton’s…Arkancide!

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