But Why Would They DO That?

I got to thinking the other day as I was reading yet another article put out by the uber-leftist snowflake socialist network, CNN on the troubles facing Vice President, K-baby Harris, why on the world would a liberal news organization, a socialist organization that aligns pretty much step for step with Harris, attack her? One great blogger here on WordPress, Mark 1:1 (HIGHLY recommend you read his stuff!) gave me the idea to look into this question more.

So, I thought about this. And, I have several theories, but only one of them makes any sense at all. Let’s take a look at the theories. You can decide for yourselves!

THEY DON’T LIKE KAMALA: I think this is probably one of the weaker ones. K-baby isn’t a strong leader. She blows every interview opportunity she gets (the latest being with George Stephanopoulos on ABC), as well as every single assignment she’s been handed by Biden. She has been probably the weakest Vice President in history except for maybe William Rufus De Vane King, who died of TB before actually getting to serve. In fact, he was sworn in while in Cuba. And then of course, there was Dan Quayle, an extremely weak VP who hasn’t done anything since leaving office.

THEY ARE SCARED SOMETHING HAPPENS TO BIDEN: Maybe CNN is trying to put the pressure on Harris to quit, or get fired (which can’t happen…though she CAN be impeached), so that if something happened with Biden, someone with a tad more sense could take over the country. Look, it’s obvious to about 70% of the country that this administration is pretty clueless when it comes to running things. Biden has all but admitted someone on his staff is giving him “orders”, and most think it’s his Chief of Staff, Ron Klain. But if something were to happen to Biden, Harris becomes President automatically. That’s an even scarier thought than Biden surviving his term.

THEY ARE TRYING TO SAVE FACE: I don’t see this necessarily happening either because CNN doesn’t seem to try and hide the fact they are leftist snowflakes. They just don’t care who knows. Why then, even as weak as these leaders are, would they come out against Harris, who was handpicked by Joe Biden? And why would they care what the public thinks of them? They haven’t cared since before the Obama administration when they made their hard nose dive to the left.

THEY ARE RETREATING TO FIGHT ANOTHER DAY: And this could be the winner. CNN is not run by a bunch of idiots. Of course, their ideas aren’t smart, and their hosts aren’t necessarily blessed with an abundance of grey matter. But the people actually pulling the strings upstairs do have some business sense. They see their ratings in free fall. They see advertisers leaving them for greener pastures, and I think this is the reason. They have to do something to stem the tide and maybe what they are saying by exposing the rift of Harris’ office and Biden’s office is that SHE is the reason Biden isn’t able to accomplish much, and that they don’t want to be seen spending four years attacking Trump, and then another four years attacking Biden. That wouldn’t be right for them to do that, regardless how warranted it is. So they use Harris as the patsy. And they join more normal channels hoping to get her replaced with someone more leader-worthy, and then fight another day.

Somehow, that’s the only thing I could think of that makes sense. They realize that everything in this administration resembles the Titanic, and they don’t want to go down with the ship. So, pick a person to blame (Harris), and hammer away at her. The only problem is, if she quits, gets impeached, dies in office, or God forbid, gets nominated to the Supreme Court, who are they going to blame for the failings of this administration then?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

5 thoughts on “But Why Would They DO That?

  1. Seems to me that the Brandon administration is primarily still blaming Trump for everything, and I don’t see how they can blame K-baby when she hasn’t done anything except remodel her residency at the Naval Observatory?

    She’s just there,… a token minority selected, and not by Brandon, to please the Progressive Left!

    Look, we all know that only way CNN is ever going to increase their ratings and credibility would be to first replace their Leftist hosts and anchors and stop making everything racist and start reporting the facts and truth instead of opinions, but that ain’t gonna happen.

    CNN is in the pocket of the Democrat/George Soros party and a rumored reason to get rid of K-baby is because they want to put Michele Obama in her place. The Obama’s legacy has been exposed for what it truly was, a failure, which doesn’t make Obama look very good especially after the things Trump did that increased employment, lowered taxes, energy independence and building the Wall! I know Michele doesn’t want anything to do with Washington but you never know!

    Michele Obama would be the person to resurrect the Obama legacy out of the gutter and put the former pResident back in the limelight not to mention what it would do for the Party if she decided to run for president in 2024?!

    But like I said, CNN will never get its credibility back. They would need a restart with a change of name and on-air anchors and hosts, but I won’t be holding my breath!

    The days of not knowing a NEWS anchors political persuasions died with Walter Cronkite and Tim Russert. Even Chris Wallace has gone to the dark side!

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    1. I would agree wholeheartedly! And I think you’ve hit on something very important. The ONLY person that can possibly save Biden in 2022 from losing Congress, and the Democrats from losing the White House in 2024 is Michele Obama! I think she would possibly be the only Democrat out there that would have a chance at beating Donald Trump. Interesting point!!! The bigger question is, does she want to fall behind Hillary’s footsteps, and what do you think would happen to the Democrats long term if her campaign fell short and she actually lost to Trump??? That could very well be the last nail in the Dems’ coffin!


  2. Good point but I think the Dem’s have already pulled out all the stops and they understand that the cat is now out of the bag. Everybody can see where they’re trying to lead us. I think/hope that this next election will be the last gasp of air for the Left (at least for a while) and not really sure if even Michele can save them after everything that’s been exposed!

    I will NEVER EVER forgive this administration or the Democratic Party for the way they left Afghanistan. And it sickened me to see that military parade in Kabul with all our military equipment not to forget the American’s they left behind!

    So…how the hell do we tell the difference between American equipment and American soldiers and Afghan soldiers dressed in our uniforms using our equipment when we eventually have to return to fight them?

    Come-on man! Sleepy Joe…got an answer?


  3. The answer to your question, I think, is “self-interest.” Well, more to the point, “perceived” self-interest. Every decision CNN management makes is predicated on their perceived self-interest. And if that’s true, then what are CNN’s self-interests?

    There must be a crib sheet in some high executive’s desk drawer that helps formulate an appropriate course of action. I’m thinking of one of those “If/Then/And” logic tables. And, of course, there has to be a hierarchy of needs to go with it.

    So, while we know that one of their interests is to act as a propaganda mechanism for the DNC, a higher need could be their bottom line (a greater market share). IF they could convince moderates that they’re against Harris (even though they were for Harris only a few months ago), owing to the VP’s extreme incompetence, THEN maybe they could fool moderates into believing that CNN is actually quite moderate in their political analysis AND those easily-fooled moderates will start tuning in again. This butts up against your “saving face” theory, although I’m not sure how anyone at CNN thinks that they ever had any “face” to begin with.

    I think your projected winner IS the winner, especially in light of CNN’s two long-standing mottos: 1) To win, ya gotta spin, and 2) He who fights and runs away will live to fight another day.

    PS. To even imagine Michele Obama as POTUS gives me gas.


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