Build Back Better Is Anything But!

Oh, I know Joe “Brandon” Biden is hoping against all odds that somehow, Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema will come around and join his meager bandwagon with “Build Back Better”, but the closer scrutiny says it’s just another slogan Democrats have come up with that mean absolutely nothing.

Let’s look at it in detail, shall we?
Build: It’s not building anything. If it does anything at all, it prints more money, it redistributes wealth without hitting those in Congress too hard. And it does indeed end up taxing the middle class, something Biden has consistently promised he wouldn’t do. That’s because it also cuts into the Trump tax cuts. When you take tax cuts away from the middle class, you increase their taxes. That means you’ve increased their taxes. So, nothing is actually getting “built”

Back: To say that we’re going back means that what we did in the past was better than what we have now. The question is, how far back? And what was better in the past? The economy was MUCH better under Donald Trump than it was under Bobo Obama. Black unemployment was lower under Trump than it was under Obama. Same for Hispanics. Inflation was a lot lower under Trump than Obama (remember “the new normal”?) and foreign policy under Trump did indeed put America first as opposed to Obama’s apology tours around the world, blaming the United States for everything that happened bad in history over the past 200 years or so.

Better: Well, if you’re going to be better, that means an improvement. And that means you’ve got to be defining what it is you are improving. Just because you say something is better doesn’t make it so. Do you think we are better because every time some black criminal gets shot by police we have riots in the streets? Do you think we are better with 7% inflation as opposed to 1.5%? Are we better because we didn’t let Iran run roughshod over us so Bobo could have some foreign policy victory that he felt he needed to secure a teetering legacy? Seems to me that “better” in this case means going back to the days of “a new normal”, and I for one don’t find that to be better at all.

And what is a shocker that isn’t being talked about in the media at all is the fact that building back better also includes amnesty for the millions of people that Joe Biden and Bobo Obama have invited into the country illegally, rather than go through legal immigration means. That’s right. If Build Back Better passes the Senate, you’re going to see amnesty for some 12 or 13 million illegals in this country. And that means it’s just a matter of time before Democrats push for them to be voting citizens! And that is the biggest push back against build back better of all.

No, there is nothing being built, other than debt. There is nothing to go back to that is worth going back to. And there’s nothing better from the Obama administration. It’s all word play. And it’s all a crock of doo doo.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

5 thoughts on “Build Back Better Is Anything But!

  1. Meanwhile…back in the jungle…a new strain of Covid has appeared, Omicron, and Sleepy Brandon still hasn’t closed the borders?

    Where the heck are the Republicans? They should be flooding the airways!

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    1. New York has just basically shut down. Apparently, this variant is more contagious among the young than previous versions. And Moderna is saying they are getting a booster ready that attacks Omicron. We’ll have to wait and see I guess. Another mask mandate coming from Brandon?


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