Here Is The REAL Culprit!

Joe Biden has it figured out. Inflation seems out of control. There is another mass invasion heading our way at our southern border. The stock market had it’s worst day in a very long time on Friday. Biden’s poll numbers have plunged through the toilet. His Vice President is despised by her own party. There are riots in the streets. Smash and Grab is the new form of Christmas Shopping in California as others start to follow suit in their states. China is on the verge of taking over Taiwan once and for all. And it’s all being blamed on one thing…and it ISN’T Donald Trump.

It’s COVID-19.

That’s right. Biden has figured out that the reason his presidency sucks so bad isn’t because of anything HE is doing wrong. It’s because of COVID. Every time he and his team come up with new cures for the virus, it mutates into some other life form and infects everyone all over again! And Omicron (the latest viral infection) is heading our way from South Africa this time around.

It’s not right to blame Joe Biden. After all, he had a 200 page plan to deal with COVID. At least that was what he told us when he was running for president, remember? It’s not fair that he’s had to print trillions of dollars to cause inflation to jump from 1.5% under Donald Trump to about 7% overall this past month. And in some instances, like healthcare, expect it to jump 15-20% next year.

I find it amazing that Biden is trying so hard to find something, ANYTHING to blame his failing administration on. America has wised up and realizes that it made a terrible four-year mistake when it elected him over Trump. Sure, Trump is the least presidential president this country has had since Andrew Jackson. Yes, a New York City real estate developer isn’t about to come in and soothe everybody’s soul and talk nice to everybody. Tigers don’t change their stripes. And maybe that same philosophy applies to a guy from Delaware that has lied about his family, his career, his accomplishments, and has plagiarized his speeches for decades. Why would we ever believe that Joe Biden wouldn’t find someone or something else to blame for his mis-steps and foibles?

And this is one big problem I have with politicians. It seems to be more prevalent with Democrats, but Republicans are trying to catch up to it. No one wants to admit that they’ve made a mistake. The Trans Pacific Partnership that Obama stressed would increase jobs and bring more prosperity to America because it brought more prosperity to other countries? That was even shot down by Hillary Clinton! Well, it was until she needed Obama to help her beat Trump back in 2016. This is a terrible character flaw that politicians seem to have. It’s not a human flaw either. Humans make mistakes, and yes, that includes Joe Biden. He’s certainly not a perfect president. But to blame a world-wide pandemic for all your problems? That’s not only childish, it’s just plain wrong.

I certainly hope the media jumps all over Biden for this one. I doubt they will, since they want him to look good. But in the long run, Biden is the one at fault for our problems that have emerged this year. As I was thinking about this the other day, I’m reminded that we are in the same type of phase we were in during the mid to late 70’s. We had Nixon shamed from office for Watergate, and the lies he told about that. We had Gerald Ford who’s only success was beaning people with golf balls, and we had Jimmy Carter that couldn’t even live up to Ford’s example. We are faced with the same thing today. Donald Trump’s failure to get reelected simply because he had a very nasty personality, though he had very good policies; Joe Biden who was a stumbling, bumbling Gerald Ford (thank God he doesn’t golf!); and who knows who’s next?

At what point do the American people stand up and say, “ENOUGH!”? It’s OUR country, not theirs. They work for us, not the other way around. We just have to take it all back.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

9 thoughts on “Here Is The REAL Culprit!

  1. Well, as long as Biden can deflect, he will. And the press will always allow him to deflect.

    Still, it’s too bad Joe doesn’t have a 200-page plan to deal with the border rather than 2 million excuses for letting these people through without vaccinating them, demanding that they be screened for criminal histories, or any other such checks.

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  2. I think most people have known for a long time that Brandon Biden is a shitshow.
    And I still rather believe that the election was a fixed fraud than to believe that there are that many stupid people who voted for him!

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