Liberal Mayors Admitting Defeat

Oh, it was just after George Floyd’s death that you saw all of the riots, all of the protests, all of the city councils and mayors of cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Minneapolis, San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle among others, screaming that they had to defund the police. That was the more conservative bent. Some mayors wanted to get rid of the police departments altogether and focus more on “community resourcing”, which could be read as psychologists instead of law enforcement officials.

The end result?

It was plain on the nose of every cop’s face that they were being targeted and those that had enough time in on the force to retire did so. All of a sudden, mayors didn’t have to worry about trying to get rid of their police departments…they just up and left. And so these major cities were faced with severe police shortages.

And what happened?
Well, for one thing, response times rose through the roof. And for another, crime went soaring. We’ve seen the videos of the smash and grab robberies in malls, where roving bands of thieves would come into a mall jewelry store, carrying bats and hammers, and smash display cases and take whatever they could, then run out of the store. Places like San Francisco were besieged with these types of assaults. It was mostly due to the fact that the legislature in California decided that they weren’t going to prosecute shoplifting any longer. It was racist to do so. Well, that and the fact that police were much too busy trying to handle the workload with fewer and fewer folks in blue.

As crime rose in all of the nation’s big cities, mayors seemed to be blind to the fact that their cities were turning into cesspools. They still called for defunding the police, as did the socialist snowflakes on Capitol Hill. Well, until the mayors quietly decided to put money back into the budget to hire more cops. But who wants to go to work for a mayor that you know damn well doesn’t want extra police on their force?

And now, people like Lori “The Troll Doll” Lightfoot in Chicago, and London Breed in San Francisco have realized that they made a huge mistake. They basically eliminated the very people that could have gotten them out of the mess they were in. So, at least in these two cases, Lightfoot and Breed have said that they were wrong to call for defunding the police. They’ve now become tough on crime. Because they know this could turn into a real nightmare if they didn’t.

Slowly, but surely, police are being welcomed back to many of the communities that just a year or two ago wanted them all hung. Even in the neighborhoods where the cries to defund the cops started, people realized that the shootings, the robberies, the muggings, the rapes were going unsolved. With no one to protect them, people had to fend for themselves. It was like the old west all over again. But the cops are slow to respond. They’ve moved on. If they didn’t retire from law enforcement and find other gainful opportunities, they have been less than excited about keeping the streets clear of the bad guys. So all of these cities are now reaping what they have sown.

In the end, the whole “defund the police” movement was a bust. Those with more than just a brain stem in their head realized that from the beginning and warned this would happen. Hmmm…it makes me wonder. Do you think if those of us with a brain actually call out Democrats for spending way too much money on trying to fix every little problem that comes down the pike that they will eventually listen to that too? Nah…sorry…I must have had some sort of pipe dream there.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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