How Fate Ruins The Democrats

Oh, I’m not saying that fate is going to do it, but it could happen. There are several scenarios where we wouldn’t have to wait until 2023 before the GOP takes over Congress. Well, that’s not 100% true. It would be the GOP taking over the Senate, but that’s still pretty much the same thing. It would be the death blow to Joe Biden’s presidency!

Here is how it could work.

Let’s say that the pressure on Joe Manchin to cave on his much publicized stand on getting rid of the filibuster gets to him. But rather than cave, Joe decides that he’s going to stop being a Democrat. Maybe he doesn’t join the Republican party, but he becomes an independent that caucuses with the Republicans (it’s rare, but it HAS happened!) So, in that case, the Democrats now have 49 people on their side of the aisle, and with Manchin, the Republicans can count on 51. That means that Mitch McConnell automatically becomes the new Majority Leader and Chuckles Schumer slides to Minority Leader. That can happen at any time.

Actually it has happened in recent history. Back in 2001, Vermont’s Jim Jeffords, who was a Republican got angry at George W. Bush, and decided to become an independent. It was the same situation as today, where the Senate was evenly divided 50/50, and with Jeffords leaving the GOP, it gave the Dems’ the upper hand and Tom Daschle became Majority Leader.

There are other ways as well. Let’s say for instance, and I’m not wishing this on anyone…but let’s say that a Democrat Senator passes away from a heart attack. And for grins and giggles, let’s say that he’s from one of the 37 states that has it in their Constitution that if a Senator or a Representative leaves office, the Governor of that state can replace them. Now, there are only seven of the 37 states that require the Governor to pick someone from the same party as the person leaving Congress, meaning that there are 30 states that give the Governor free reign to choose whomever they want.

As of this coming Saturday, you have nine states that boasts a Republican Governor and at least one Democrat Senator. Virginia Governor-elect, Glenn Younkin takes office on January 15th. So, Virginia, along with Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maryland, Georgia, Arizona, Ohio, and Montana all fit the bill. However, Maryland and Arizona have to choose someone from the same party as outlined above.

So, if, going back to our scenario, say, a Bernie Sanders was to pass away suddenly, or get ill and need to be replaced, the Governor of Vermont, Phil Scott, could name his replacement, and it could be a Republican. That would sway the balance of power to the GOP.

That would basically put an end to any Biden agenda, any wild spending, any thought of a filibuster rule change, or “packing the court”, at least for the time being. And it may just bring down the price of gasoline, fix the supply chain, help along the southern border before the spring caravans start back up, and start to return America to where it needs to go.

And if it doesn’t happen… we just vote out the scoundrels in November, and start fresh!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


2 thoughts on “How Fate Ruins The Democrats

  1. So many of us are sick to our stomachs about the nature of our politics. I’ve often wondered if it isn’t by design — you know, if people get fed up with it, they’ll stop voting, which makes it easier for politicians to find their way into a nice little notch for themselves over the next three decades. But the fact is that the dismal nature of our political system has been with us for a long time. Take for example the fictional film Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939). While a fictional story, it was predicated on the reality of those political machines and king-makers “back home.” The Tammany Hall cartel in New York, for example … the gangster politics in Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona stand out as well, and folks “disappearing into the Nevada desert.” Some accounts paint LBJ as a murdering thug, and more than a few political rivals have been found shot to death in Arizona within the last few decades. One cannot help but wonder, in terms of voting the scoundrels out, what’s really going on behind closed doors “back home.” My guess is that the shenanigans in Broward County, the hanging chads, and defective voting machines (not unlike rigged slots) are only the tip of the iceberg. We could follow the money for answers to these perplexing questions, except that there’s too much money to follow … and people do grow weary.


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