More Bad News On Jobs

The December Jobs numbers are out. Now, you’ll hear (or have been by the time you read this) that Joe Biden is really happy with the latest jobs numbers. The unemployment rate fell from 4.2% down to 3.9%. Of course, that’s because well over four million people actually QUIT their jobs in December, when every business out there except maybe swimming pool shops are hiring more people for the holiday rush. He’s going to tell you that he’s added so many millions of new jobs since he took office, and the turnaround of jobs and the economy in this country are great!

He’s not telling you the whole story.

The jobs numbers show that once again, we added less than 200,000 jobs in December. It was 199,000. And the reason why the unemployment rate fell added so few jobs is because an awful lot of those people that were unemployed stopped looking for work. See, the true unemployment rate isn’t what gets reported. That’s only the number of people actively looking for work, not the number of people out of work. As someone that is retired, I’m unemployed, but I’m not looking to get a job anytime soon, so I don’t count. I’m ignored in that percentage. That’s the percentage that Biden is claiming is so great.

Now, when you look at the fact that as of this writing, 10.562 million jobs are available in this country, but not filled, you can see why the unemployment numbers are so low. We have more jobs than we do people wanting them. And the reason for that falls squarely on Joe Biden and his administration. They are scaring people from going back to work to keep the COVID thing alive for as long as they can. Remember, never let a crisis go to waste! So, we have all of these jobs, and a bunch of people watching Oprah Winfrey in the afternoons….except I’m puzzled. Her ratings have gone down, not up. Maybe they are switching over the The Price Is Right. I mean, I’d much rather watch Drew Carey than Oprah Winfrey anyday…and he’s in MUCH better shape!

The stock markets are a little worried that we’re heading (heading???) toward a recession because people aren’t going back to work quick enough. Well, the reason for that is two fold. First of all, Biden’s scare tactics on COVID are working, and people who don’t want to get a vaccine, or wear a mask, or go through weekly testing are sitting this one out. Not to mention all of the workers in all of the fields were there are mandates out there that have been fired for not getting vaccinated. Second reason? It’s cheaper to stay at home. With inflation going crazy, people aren’t able to make a decent living. And if you’ve got kids and have to pay for childcare, you’re losing money by going to work. Best to sit on your tookis and get unemployment, however meager it is, than to lose money by gassing up the car every week, and paying a babysitter! Especially if you are in Chicago and the schools have closed down again!

No, it’s not really good news. If you can’t get a half million people back to work each month when you have 10,500,000 plus jobs open and waiting to be filled, you have a problem. And it’s not a little problem, it’s a big problem. And when you have an additional 4,000,000 people quitting their jobs and not moving to something else in December, that only exacerbates the problem.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

3 thoughts on “More Bad News On Jobs

  1. If you aren’t looking for work you are unemployed.
    What percent of the able-bodied adult population doesn’t have a job.
    That is the unemployment rate.
    Insert some Bible verse here about no work, no food.

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    1. LOL…See Blue, that’s what I always thought the definition of “unemployment” was. But when things look bad, the folks in DC (both parties) like to redefine how the numbers are calculated. So, our TRUE inflation rate is actually around 15%, but the government says it’s only 7% because of the way they figure it. It’ll be my topic tomorrow!


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