Did You Study For Your Test?

Oh, you’re getting one. In fact, it’s rumored that everyone in your household is going to be getting one. In an effort to keep the focus off of the economy, off of the supply chain problems (which by the way are still out there), off of the southern border crisis, off of the thought of Democrats trying to end the filibuster and take over all voting rights in this country – making it another Venezuela, Biden is going to focus very closely on making sure you’re safe from COVID!

That’s right. Forget the important stuff. You have to be protected from COVID!

Vowing that COVID and Donald Trump are the reasons that this country is in the sad shape it’s in, and not anything that he or his administration has done, Biden is going to be directing the post office to mail out 500,000,000 COVID tests to everyone! So, you, your spouse, your boyfriend/girlfriend, child, and probably pet are going to be getting one soon. It’ll give the United States Postal Service such a boost that they have already asked the people they hire for the extra mail at Christmas time to stay on board to help deliver all of these tests.

Now, these tests actually were being sold for up to $25 each. I know that for a fact because I was sick over Thanksgiving with a cold, but it had a lot of the symptoms of COVID, so my wife and daughter went out and bought a test kit. There were two tests in there and the cost was $25! Yeah, I know, Walmart and Krogers were selling them for $14 (now $19), but it was the day after Thanksgiving at 10pm and CVS was close.

Anyway, at $14 each, just the product, not the mailing charge is $7,000,000,000! That’s seven BILLION! Add an additional $2 per test and you’re at $8 billion for something you probably don’t need. But Biden wants you to have it just in case.

This is yet another flawed plan coming out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue! Rather than waste another $8 billion on something that’s not needed, why don’t we do something smart? Why don’t we fix the supply chain? Why don’t we curb inflation by not spending trillions of dollars on worthless liberal snowflake ideas designed to redistribute wealth? Why don’t we fix our southern border problem?

Democrats see that they are being pushed into a corner, and they know if they don’t fight what America truly wants and needs, they will die as a political entity. So, they are trying everything in their power to ensure that a) Donald Trump isn’t running for president in 2024, where most of them feel he will run roughshod over a haggard and beleaguered Joe Biden; and b) they want you to believe that the whole COVID thing was Trump’s fault, even though it was Fauci and the NIH that funded the whole study of that lab in Wuhan, China. They don’t want you to think of the fact that Biden has overseen more deaths in 2021 than Trump did in 2020, especially after he claimed to “have a plan to fix this”. Remember all of the speeches where Biden said he was going to “shut down the virus, not the economy”? Well, he’s managed to do the reverse!

So, he’s gotta do something. And in a Democrats’ mind that is spend money. Throw enough money at any situation and you’re going to solve it. That is their mantra. That is their motto. It’s too bad we can’t be charging the DNC the cost of these boondoggles when their plans fail!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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      1. Did you hear that dopey Chicago mayor, Lightfoot wants to call in the Feds to get guns off the street ? She still doesn’t get it. Even if they get the guns from the thugs they will have new guns tomorrow and the day after that and the day after that. GET THE THUGS OFF THE STREET YOU STUPID WITCH AND KEEP THEM LOCKED UP FOREVER.

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      2. Just looking at her (and her hairdo), you can tell that she’s not the brightest bulb in the box. But relax…the Dems in Chicago are about to put someone even dumber in the next time they get the chance!


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