Can Biden Survive?

Rasmussen came out with a rather interesting poll recently. They asked 1,000 registered voters if they thought Joe Biden would be reelected in 2024. The results followed what America feels. It certainly doesn’t follow the mainstream snowflake media!

Here’s what it says.

28% of the respondents think that Joe Biden will be reelected president in 2024. That’s just over a quarter of the respondents. 38% said that if Biden were to run again, he’d lose out to a Republican challenger (no challenger was named). 21% said it was more likely that Biden would resign the presidency prior to the 2024 elections, and 15% said they just weren’t sure.

That’s a pretty amazing survey if you think about it. More people think that Biden will lose in 2024 than think he’ll actually run by 10%. And almost as many people think that he’ll resign, which has only been done once in history, and that is an incredible development when you think about it.

So the question becomes, does Joe Biden risk it and try to run for reelection in 2024? Democrats have already floated the notion of getting others to run against him in a primary. If that were to happen, and say Pete Buttigieg were to go up against Biden, could Biden stand the heat? What if Bernie Sanders, who actually should have been the candidate in 2020, were to decide to run again? That brings the young vote back to the table, but Sanders is 80 years old now. I seriously doubt he is going to be up for a run for the White House in two years. Who else is there? I can’t see anyone with the experience standing in line, especially to oust Biden. Maybe an AOC who doesn’t like Biden in the first place, but I thought her eyes were on Chuck Schumer’s Senate seat.

In the end analysis, we have another poll saying that 52% of the American people like Donald Trump. In the same poll, it shows that Democrats think that Trump supporters are racists. Of course, Democrats think everything and everybody is racist. They’ve overused that phrase so much it’s basically lost all of it’s meaning. And the interesting thing on that account is, the people that are screaming racism, are typically the ones displaying signs of racism.

My, oh my, isn’t it fun to live in the declining age of a civilization?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

2 thoughts on “Can Biden Survive?

  1. The only elected president to lose his party’s support for reelection was Franklin Pierce, elected as a Democrat in 1852, who so alienated his supporters that he actually helped create the Republican party. So, I think it would be quite remarkable if the DNC supported someone other than Biden. I do think we are living in interesting times, but I don’t think they’re THAT interesting just yet.

    Now, in all honesty, I find it hilarious that anyone thinks that Biden will resign from the presidency. I mean, even if Biden died in office, Dr. Jill would have him stuffed and sat in the oval office with that permanently bewildered look on his face — which could increase federal revenues by transforming the White House into an entertainment arcade rivaling Ripley’s Believe It or Not.

    What worries me most about future presidential elections is that according to the experts at the Weather Channel, America may be running out of idiots. What will we do then? Who will lead us?

    Well, I have to go now … my liquor cabinet is calling.

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    1. LOL…can’t blame you for needing the liquor cabinet! And yes, Dr. Jill is sounding a lot like Edith Wilson at this point. BTW, don’t watch the Weather Channel. THEY are the idiots still believing that taking Jimmy to soccer and Jenny to dance class is causing climate change. They are wrong on another topic too… America will NEVER run out of idiots!


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