Schumer Kills Biden’s Agenda

It really wasn’t Chuckles Schumer that killed Biden’s agenda. It was Schumer’s inability to lead that did it in. If you haven’t been following the big news from DC in the last few days, Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) announced this past Thursday that no, she wasn’t going to change her stance on the proposals Democrats were floating to change the filibuster rules so they could pass a very partisan “John LewisVoter’s Rights Act”. The House has already passed that measure. So why is it Schumer’s fault and not Sinema’s? Because Krysten had said repeatedly from the beginning (along with Joe Manchin) that she was steadfast in believing that the filibuster rule in the Senate was an asset to the country and shouldn’t be changed just to pass a law.

I applaud my Senator, and for the first time I can honestly say, I’m proud of a Democrat!

Schumer and his cronies in the Senate had tried every conceivable way to get the filibuster rule changed so that the Voting Rights Act and the Freedom To Vote Act. Both acts would have basically made it intrinsically easier to cast a ballot in this country than it would be to fly across it. It would have been a hundred times easier to vote than it would be to visit your elected official, should you decide to make the trek to Washington, DC.

The acts would have basically made it a federal law that all states had to have 15 days of early voting (some actually have more already), and would have made it impossible for states to put any sort of restrictions on mail-in balloting, which Democrats found out in 2020 was a very easy way to flood the ballot box without much if any accountability. Had these acts passed, there would have been a federal commission, selected by the President that would draw the redistricting for the House of Representatives instead of leaving it up to the various states to decide where those boundaries should be (it would have definitely been a violation of the 10th Amendment!).

In the end, Manchin and Sinema have double-handedly ended Joe Biden’s wishes to make sure that Democrats are always elected, and that he would have free reign to spend as much money as he wanted on Democrat social programs, which would have thrown America into financial ruin, by not allowing either of the two voting acts, nor the earlier defeated Build Back Better act from being passed.

So, as Congress heads into an election year, the overall strategy of slamming as many pro-Democrat bills through Congress as possible before this November’s elections, in which everybody and their brother has basically conceded that the Republicans will take over the House and Senate are dead. Without 60 votes in the Senate, there can be none of the bill slamming that they had thought up. And without a change to the filibuster rules that make it mandatory to have 60 votes to pass anything but “budget reconciliation bills”, which be passed with only 51 votes, nothing short of budget bills will be passed. Now, both houses of Congress can start preparing for the election this fall.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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