One Year Later…

It was a year ago today I got a haircut. What’s that got to do with the price of viruses in China? Absolutely nothing, except that it was with someone I had never gone to, and she did a terrible job. Oh, and some guy named Joe Biden was getting sworn in as President of the United States on the barber shop’s television.

What a year it’s been!

When you think back to January 20, 2021, Democrats were thankful that Trump was out of office, and going to be impeached for a historic second time. The country was kind of meh that Biden was in office, but willing to give him a chance. What a difference a year makes.

Biden has taken on several issues over the past year. He’s been “successful” by his own admission on one of them, that would be infrastructure. The rest of the time, it’s been an uphill battle. And the guy that was supposed to “unify the country and bring both sides together” can’t even bring his own party together. All in all, it’s been an unmitigated failure.

So, let’s look at some of the crap we’ve been witness to over the past year.

COVID: Biden tweeted out that Donald Trump didn’t have a clue what he was doing when it came to COVID. I think the tweet was, “He doesn’t have a plan. I do.” Yes, he did. It was a 200 page plan to eradicate COVID. I think it got tossed in the White House trash on January 21st when they learned that 199 pages of the plan were already being done by the Trump administration.

Getting Those Checks Out: Remember when Biden went down to Georgia to campaign for Raphael Warnock, and told the crowd that if you elect Warnock and Jon Ossoff that those extra COVID checks would go out “the next day”? Well, the election was held in January. The checks finally went out in late March.

Slow Job Growth: Biden is quick to point out that never before in our country’s history have we “created” so many jobs so quickly. That part is true. What he doesn’t tell you is that there are still today over nine million jobs available out there. The unemployment rate is now under 5%. So, how can that be? Simple. When you only count people that are looking for work as unemployed, and you’ve got nine million open jobs, only the people that have no discernable skills are going to get left behind. That’s always going to be about 4-5% of the country. Most people are sitting at home not working either because they don’t want to wear a mask, or get vaccinated, or they lost their jobs because they wouldn’t wear a mask or get vaccinated.

Mandates: Biden has tried several times to mandate his way through the whole COVID crisis. His recent slap down came at the hands of the Supreme Court just a week or so ago when they said he couldn’t make a private business follow his mandates. Biden’s wish to have everyone masked and stabbed hasn’t been met with the participation that he wanted. Currently some 73% of America has received at least one vaccination, some 62% have had two, and about 27% have gotten the third dose, the “booster”. That’s still not “herd immunity”.

High Inflation: Apparently Biden missed economics class the day they talked about inflation. He didn’t realize that when you increase the supply of something, the value of that something is going to drop, and in the case of money, you’re going to need more of it to buy stuff. Not because the prices of other stuff has become more rare, but because the supply of money has jumped through the roof. The Treasury printed $6.7 TRILLION in 2021. That was up 40% from 2020. Biden wants to blame COVID and climate change. Actually, the reason for 7% inflation (as opposed to 1.5%) is Joe Biden.

Build Back Better: It took long enough for Biden’s signature piece of legacy legislation to come to Congress. At first it was going to add some six trillion to the federal debt. That got whittled down to about three trillion. But even that was too much for Joe Manchin and the Senate to swallow. Build Back Better died an inglorious death. Thank God!

Packing The Court: Remember this one? Back in March, still smarting from the Republicans replacing Ruth Bader Ginsburg with Amy Coney Barrett on the high court bench, and making a 5-4 (sometimes) conservative court a 6-3 conservative court, Democrats wanted to increase the number of Justices from 9 to 15. They were going to have Biden select SIX new Justices so they could regain control of what they said was an out of control judiciary. Biden wanted to be more pragmatic, so he formed a “blue ribbon panel” to look into it. They did. They said nothing needed to be changed.

Afghanistan: Joe Biden made a really public push that we were going to end America’s longest war and get out of Afghanistan by August 31st. That was his plan and he was going to stick to it regardless what his generals in the Pentagon said, regardless what Congress said, regardless what the American people thought. Well, the American people were with him on the pull out, originally. But it was so poorly run that everyone turned against him. Instead of slowly withdrawing the non-essential people from country, followed by the Embassy staff, and finally the military, Biden wanted everyone out in 24 hours. That led to chaos and a firefight at the airport that ended the lives of 12 military, wounding 15 others. That number doesn’t take into account the hundreds of Afghans who had helped America over the past two decades that died, nor the hundreds of people, both Afghan and American that are still stranded in Afghanistan, in hiding from the Taliban. Biden’s approval rating tanked after the episode. It hasn’t recovered, in fact, according to Quinnipiac University, it’s now at 33%, an all time low for an American president.

Filibuster Changes: If you were to name a breakfast item after Joe Biden, it would have to be a waffle. That’s because that’s what he’s been when it comes to the filibuster. When he was serving in the Senate, Biden was against any filibuster change. He even carried that with him into the White House. He didn’t think it was necessary. Now he does. It’s because with a 50-50 Senate, where you need 60 votes to pass anything other than presidential appointments and budget reconciliation issues, nothing is going to get through. It now looks like the inability to change the rules to suit Democrats’ wishes is going to tank, or severely limit the whole voting rights act stuff.

Bringing America Together: In the time of Donald Trump, Republicans pretty much liked Trump, independents were torn, and Democrats hated him. Biden promised to work across the aisle and make it more bipartisan. That didn’t work out so well. In fact, he never really got to reaching across the aisle because he’s spent the last year just trying to bring his party together. And he’s failed. People like Bernie Sanders (D-VT), Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and others have usurped power away from House and Senate leaders, and the rest of the party and are now holding it hostage to their socialist demands. American unity? Biden hasn’t even achieved party unity.

Voting Rights: Democrats came up with two bills designed to insure that Democrats would have an incredibly easy time getting elected to any federal office. That’s because they were going to open up mail-in-ballots, longer voting periods, no ID’s that needed to be shown, and Democrats were going to control redistricting across the country, taking that job from the states. Now, it appears that’s going the way of the dinosaurs. There isn’t enough votes in the Senate to pass it, even though the House loved it. So, voting rights as an issue may be dead.

The Southern Border: Immigration reform is sorely needed. It’s nowhere on anyone’s plate. Instead, Congress is busy trying to tackle it’s own agenda and spend money the country doesn’t have. Meanwhile, millions continue to pour in across a porous southern border with no hope of it stopping. K-baby Harris was given the job to oversee the border crisis. She didn’t do a damn thing, and it took her five months to make a trip to any border crossing. She visited El Paso, Texas, where the Trump border wall had slowed illegal immigrants’ crossings to a trickle. And there is nothing in sight that suggests anyone in DC has an answer on how to fix it.

So, there you have it. And that was just off the top of my head. I’m sure I left out a bunch of stuff. Joe Biden has been an unmitigated failure the likes of which make Millard Fillmore, Jimmy Carter, and Gerald Ford look like they belong on Mount Rushmore. The worst president in US history has three more years left. Who could have imagined the damage and failure he could accomplish in such a short time (and that’s with going to his Delaware basement over 35 times!)

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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  1. A year ago, the number of people who realized that Joe Biden had two (2) separate brain surgeries was less than ten. Today, the number of people with this awareness is less than ten. Not much progress in that area, either. But here is some good (perhaps, reinforcing) news: Joe Biden never takes questions from reporters unless he is first “plugged in” to a closed-circuit, audio system that allows someone to tell him how to answer any questions. And this is why, having received a question, Mr. Biden pauses, um’s, purses his lips, scratches his ear, and gropes his granddaughter before answering. So, gifted as we are with this kind of national leader, what could possibly go wrong should the Russian federation decide to invade Ukraine? Hell, I feel like celebrating.

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