We Ain’t Buyin’ It!

Have you noticed something about businesses lately? In, say, the last year, or year and a half, more and more businesses are getting involved in what you could refer to as more “social warrior” type of marketing? They advertise that they are in favor of Black Lives Matter. They run ads that say that they’re behind climate change activities. They want you to see that they are “woke”, and supporting police reform or some such nonsense.

It’s all about of something called “The Great Reset”.

And America, in case these businesses aren’t listening, ain’t buying it. The Great Reset was started by The World Economic Forum back when COVID hit as a way to change the priorities of capitalism. In their addled minds, they felt that if they attacked what’s wrong with America, they could get you and me to change our way of thinking. Well, to a degree it’s worked. It certainly has cost them a lot in terms of advertising dollars that they had used to market their products and services. But as far as getting us to change? Nope. Not buying into it.

A recent survey showed that companies that go along with the Great Reset as a global economic strategy is falling on deaf ears. Only 29% of us have even heard of it. 44% say that they aren’t familiar with the movement, and another 27% aren’t sure one way or the other. Of the 29% that have heard of it, 52% are against it. Only 21% think it’s a good idea. The other 37% are somewhere in the middle.

A majority of the people that responded to the survey said that they don’t like the fact that the World Economic Forum, or the International Monetary Fund, or the United Nations should be trying to influence how businesses in the United States actually do business. Only 11% said they should be “very influential”. And another 26% said they should be “somewhat influential”.

So, there you have it. I had noticed this shift back in 2020. We were all locked down, probably watching a lot more TV, and they were hoping we were paying close attention to the advertising that was spilling out all over us. I made a mental note of it, never to do business with companies like Nike, or Coca Cola ever again, and I haven’t. Anyone that was going to be shoving their political views down my throat instead of trying to sell their products or services also told me they had way too much money to spend, and certainly didn’t need my business. So, I backed off of doing anything with any company that was going to go down that road. And yes, I would email them and let them know that (not that it would get any of them to quake in their boots!)

I wondered how all of these companies could independently decide to switch up their marketing. But when I saw that the World Economic Forum was leading the way, and that there was a concerted effort being put forth to try and change my mind on certain issues, it only steeled me into thinking that they were trying to brainwash me. And they were trying to brainwash you.

Now, I don’t care frankly how you personally react to all of this. If you think it’s fine to do this, because after all, it is the company’s money, and they certainly have a right to do with it as they wish, and if they want to take this tone in their marketing, then fine. You certainly have the right to make that choice. What you probably didn’t know, at least according to these statistics, was that this was a concerted, back-door effort to get you to change your mind about how businesses should operate. I’ve always felt that a business has but one goal and that’s to make as much money as they possibly can for their stockholders or their owners. Period.

At least it’s refreshing to know that still, in this age of Social Justice Warriors, and “wokeness”, a majority of us still believe that a business’ job is to sell products and services and not play politics.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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