Worst President Ever?

If you’re going to listen to the latest poll taken by Politico/Morning Consult, the answer is going to be a resounding “YES!”

The publication asked in it’s most recent survey to give Joe Biden a grade on completing his first year in office. Only 11% gave Biden an “A”. Another 20% offered up a respectable “B”. 18% said a “C” was good enough and another 12% was close to failing him with a “D”. But a whopping 37%, the largest group by far, outnumbering the A’s and B’s combined, decided to flunk Biden on his first year in office.

The reasons were clear. Americans think Biden has done a bad job on three of the areas that he campaigned most on. Those three were the economy, which Biden constantly railed about on the campaign trail; immigration, which was basically fixed and not an issue under Trump, and “unifying America”, something Biden crowed at being able to do a lot better than Trump. His high marks weren’t all that high with only 35% gave him an A or B when it came to his actions on COVID, and 31% gave him the same score on healthcare.

It’s not a surprise to many people at all that only the most loyal of Democrats think Biden has been anything but a failure at his job. His rating was the worst in history, with more people flunking him after one year than gave Trump the same thumbs down after his first year in office (37% to 35%). And it only looks to get worse for Sleepy Joe.

Biden knows full well that the chances of Democrats keeping control of Congress are tipping on the precipice of an abyss. The mere fact that Chuckles Schumer decided to try and hold a vote on the voting rights act and to change the filibuster to a “talking filibuster”, knowing full well that both votes would be tanked is ample evidence of the Democrats’ feelings that they are doomed come November. Biden certainly can’t be blamed for the mess Democrats have made for themselves in Congress, but his weak leadership hasn’t helped anything either.

America’s distrust of the federal government is at an all-time high. Between Biden’s weakened position, a terrible response to Russia’s pounding on the door of Ukraine, an absolute disaster of a withdrawal from Afghanistan, and a general lack of world leadership has left most Americans feeling that Democrats can’t be trusted. In fact, studies have shown more people leaving the Democrat party and identifying as Republicans now more than ever in history. At the beginning of Biden’s term, 49% of Americans identified as Democrats and 40% identified as Republicans. By the end of the year, 47% identified as Republicans and 42% identified as Democrat. That’s a 14 point swing in just one year. And when asked, 62% of survey respondents replied that America is on the wrong path and needs new leadership.

It’s abundantly clear that Americans are loathing Democrat policies and poor leadership right now. They blame not only Biden, but Chuckles Schumer and Nancy Pelosi for the downfall. Schumer has shown to be over his head in trying to lead the Senate, and Pelosi has had no luck at all in trying to reel in the socialist arm of her party, instead settling to kowtow to the likes of AOC, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and the like.

Most Democrat strategists will concede that there is little that can be done during the election year, and that they are ready to take their lumps in the election, and try and regroup afterwards. The interesting thing that seems pretty evident though is the people that are causing the problem, Biden, Schumer, and Pelosi, will still most likely be in Congress come next year at this time. And the likes of the Whackjob 5 will also be there as they were elected by wide margins in their home districts. If that trend continues, the left will push further and further from the center, where most of Americans reside.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

9 thoughts on “Worst President Ever?

  1. The majority of democrats still refuse to admit that things were better under Trump. They never will. More frightening than domestic fiascos is that our enemies (Russia, China, Iran, North Korea and our own urban criminals) have no fear of Biden, democrat leadership and whoever else is pulling the strings behind the scenes. All the democrats that repeatedly gave Trump F’s could not legitimize their attitudes with policy critiques. It still is they hate him and despite his sensible and effective policies they still hate him.

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    1. You are so right. What they don’t understand is the REASON they hate Trump so much! It’s because those people felt that Hillary needed to be anointed as the new Queen President. There is a very interesting docu-series called “The Family” on Netflix that really goes into it (or at least the first two installments). Apparently, according to this program (and the book it’s based on), there IS someone out there pulling the strings. But it’s not who you think it is. I think after watching it, it’s the reason people like Hillary are never really prosecuted for their criminal behaviors.

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  2. American politics is a head-scratcher. But if that’s bad, trying to figure out the American voter is enough to cause someone to pull out every strand of hair. Try to imagine that rather than learning any valuable lessons from the Edsel, FMC continued producing it year after year with only minor, almost inconsequential changes model to model. That sort of brainless strategy would have driven Ford out of business — and should have.

    And yet, American politics has moved steadily leftward since the Presidency of Abraham Lincoln. Despite all the failures of leftist political policy and programs, the constant wars, poor economic decisions, failing social policy, the federal persecutions of dissatisfied citizens, tax and spend policies, sticking its nose into matters that belong to our states, domestic spying … the list goes on, and on, and on … Americans keep giving “political parties” another chance. Every two or four years, the parties and candidates shift ever so slightly “more left.” Both parties. This is why we have such terms as RINO and Marxist in our political lexicon today. After giving up thousands of our young people’s lives fighting communism, to even have a hand full of politicians and their supporters who pursue Marxism is enough to implode a healthy brain.

    And yet, here we are in 2022, with even the left now acknowledging that Biden is a FAIL but thinking to themselves, “Well, maybe we’ll do better in the future. We’ll be back, and the next time, we’ll have an even better Edsel.” Which is how I define dumb. And the voters? They’ll line up once more to support a different leftist suit, which is how I define dumber. Crumbs. That anyone thinks that Biden deserves a passing grade is double crumbs.

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    1. I think you’ve just come up with the reason why Donald Trump is so hated by the left. He tried to move America back to the right a little bit more and they didn’t want to see that happen! Thanks for the insight!!!

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  3. I have a question: Now that the Democrats have signaled a desire to change the filibuster to a “talking filibuster,” should the republicans implement the Democrat wish and beat them over the head with it repeatedly?

    That is, should the Republicans take on the tactics of their attackers or should they continue to fight a war of ideas while often playing the part of the “good guys” and parliamentarians?

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    1. Those are great questions, Mark! I often wonder myself, and then I think about Harry Reid. In his rush to help out Obama by getting his judicial appointments approved, he stepped into it big time, and ended up giving the Republicans (conservatives at least) control of the Supreme Court. Had Reid not used the nuclear option and done away with the 60 vote rule on nominations, the high court would still be rather liberal. I don’t like the idea of the GOP getting down and dirty with the Dems’ on this because even though it was what was done for eons, it’s not how it progressed. Once again it was the Dems. In 1975, they decided all you needed to shut down a filibuster was 3/5 of the Senate (60 votes) and you lost the talking filibuster. As I always say, if the Dems can win legally, they try to change the rules. If they can’t change the rules, they cheat.

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