Which Side Would YOU Bet On?

This past week, Joe Biden had a press conference. That was major news in and of itself. Biden has famously not put himself out there for the press to ask questions. And the fact that this particular press conference went almost two hours was hard to believe. And it was roundly panned by the media. Oh, there were a few of the mainstream snowflakes out there that thought he did an admirable job, but that’s only because he didn’t put his head in his hands and mumble that he wished he were in the basement.

One of the more interesting topics of discussion was what to do with Russia, and their amassing a bunch of troops (some say up to 100,000) along the border with Ukraine. When asked about it, Biden was philosophical, yet rather cryptic in his answer. He said that if it “were just an incursion”, they’d probably have a less than military response. That means they’d throw a few sanctions Russia’s way. He probably feels “just an incursion” is something that’s happening on our southern border for the past year.

But it raises the question that if Vladimir Putin decides to throw the kitchen sink at Kiev and take over the country (again), will the White House have the balls to do anything about it militarily? While Ukraine doesn’t belong to NATO, would Biden call in the NATO troops to fight the Russians? Would he decide to go it alone? And let’s face it, the buildup in Iraq took about five months to get everyone in place. Would it take that long to get troops to Ukraine as well? Vladimir Putin would be riding shirtless on horseback through the streets of Kiev if that were the case.

And IF Putin was to decide to invade Ukraine, and Biden was to decide to respond militarily as Commander In Chief, who would you bet on coming out the winner? That’s a sticky one.

I firmly believe the United States still has the best equipped, best trained, best fight-ready military in the world. I’m just not so sure about the generals leading the way anymore. Seems to me there are quite a few of them that are more mamby pamby Nevel Chamberlin types than say a George Patton. And I can assure you that the Commander In Chief isn’t qualified nor capable to come to the aid of troops with anything viable when it comes to military action. He’s lucky to find the situation room (though it IS in the basement of the White House!)

It would be a tough one. It’s one I pray we never have to find out. I would hate to think we are going to put our blood and treasure of our young men and women in harm’s way with Joe Biden at the helm of anything. For God’s sakes, this guy can’t even hold a press conference. How is he going to win a hot war with Russia against someone like Vladimir Putin?

The whole reason Putin is amassing troops on the border in the first place is because he realizes that Biden is weak and ineffectual as a leader. He knows that he can run circles around him. And he will do to Biden exactly what he did to Obama when he took Crimea. And Biden’s response is going to be exactly what Obama’s is. Absolutely nothing.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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    1. First of all, NONE of your banter is inane. I WISH I could achieve your level of intelligence. Second, I’m on my way over there to see what you have to say. I always learn a ton from you!


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