Do Sanctions Matter?

Do you think for a moment that Vladimir Putin is a stupid man? Megalomanic? Yes. Ego-centric? Most definitely. Passionate about bring back the Soviet Union? Of course! Stupid? No. Not in a million years. Vladimir Putin is also a fairly good reader of someone’s character. And he’s been in charge at the highest level for long enough to understand what his adversaries can and cannot do. So, do you think that Putin is upset that Germany and the United States have put the kybosh on Nord Stream 2 for the moment? Not even a shred.

Let’s look at what Putin has indeed been doing, shall we?

Putin has had this plan in place for years. He had the taking of Crimea in place for years as well. He was waiting for the right time, and the right people to be in place in the United States. He got that with Bobo Obama. And he knew at some point there would be a weak Democrat in office so he could finish the job with the rest of Ukraine. He got that with the election of Joe Biden. In fact, he probably got so giddy that he got plastered in celebration when Biden beat Trump.

Let’s look at the facts. Putin went to China to meet with Xi Jinping. They had talks. Do you think they were talking about Tom Brady retiring? Maybe they were talking about the upcoming Olympics? Of course not. What they were talking about was how they could get around the sure to happen sanctions that the west was going to be imposing on them. Think about this. With a war in Ukraine, gas prices are rising. Does that help America or hurt America? Of course it hurts us. Does it help or hurt Russia? It helps them. What about China? It hurts them as well.

So, how does China play into all of this? Simple. They are the manufacturer. Russia is the energy supplier. Between the two of them right now they are able to basically live off of each other’s strengths and not have to worry about the rest of the world’s sanctions. This isn’t something that just got cooked up, either. This has been in the works for a very long time.

China knows that at some point the US is going to get wise to it’s politics and it’s policies. They are going to stop doing business with China. They may even blame China for the Wuhan virus known as COVID-19, and decide at some point that China should have to pay for releasing it to the world, whether it was done on purpose or not. The one thing the US can indeed do is tell China that since they started COVID, and it cost the US trillions of dollars, we are taking all we owe them in terms of interest on our debt that they bought, and calling it even. Yes, that would hurt China’s economy.

And in swoops Russia. Putin tells Xi that don’t worry about that. I’ll supply you with enough energy in the form of gasoline and natural gas to fuel whatever you need. In exchange you’re going to supply us with medicine, and goods that Russia needs. We will unite and be good for each other, and we will both grow stronger. We don’t need the rest of the world.

Now, Russia has a population of about 145 million people, a little less than half of the US. So, Putin realizes that he is going to have bump up the prices in Chinese goods to make up for the shortfall that China will face. And he will do it by selling them gas and natural gas at a greatly reduced rate. Together they have realized that they don’t need the west. They just need each other. And in time, they will grow stronger, and the US and Europe will have to find new and different ways to obtain the goods China sends them, and the energy that Russia was going to deliver to Europe.

And that is why Joe Biden doesn’t have a clue when it comes to what’s really happening in Ukraine. It’s not about Ukraine. It’s about China and Russia. The rest of the world, be damned.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

3 thoughts on “Do Sanctions Matter?

  1. We the people would be well advised to install you as a permanent secretary of state. You get it … whereas none of our professional diplomats seem to have a clue. You, sir, have the makings for a bona fide statesman.

    Personally, I believe Biden is an idiot. I also have no confidence in any of his cabinet picks, the three most important being State, Defense, and Justice. But in fairness to Biden and any or all of his advisors, the problem with Ukraine began in the mid-1990s when the United States began leading them along the primrose path. In these 30 years, we (Americans) have made a bloody mess of our diplomatic relationships with Russia, Ukraine, and nearly everyone in the far east. But if we needed to narrow our diplomatic incompetence down, then we could begin with 2008 when Putin handed Bush (another quantifiable idiot) his ass over granting NATO affiliation to Georgia. Now fast-forward to 2014; what happened — and why?

    Our reality is that no president can “repair” what’s already happened; you can’t undo history. But as to the present, I have not heard a single person in the EU or UN, not one American diplomat, ask for a cease-fire/halt in place while we “iron out” the wrinkles in our ongoing diplomatic kerfuffle with northern and eastern European countries. We could (at least) start with that.

    IMO, the brain trust inside the beltway is about as competent as MOST Americans who comment on blogs and radio call-in programs. Let’s recall what happened following World War I when the “League of Nations” penalized Germany to extremes. How did that work out for fifty-million innocent people throughout the world? Have we learned nothing about how to deal with demons? Do we have to lower ourselves to the level of a 10-year-old simply because that’s where Putin lives?

    Sadly, Mr. Putin seems to be acting as more of an adult than Joe Biden — but that’s neither here nor there. What we want (or at least, what I hope we want) is a non-violent solution to the problem. If I was the American president, I’d start with a ceasefire proposition. But that isn’t going to happen because the American people elected an effing twit as their chief executive and conservative America’s only clue is to parrot the FOX News entertainment channel, the Five, which thinks that raining down bombs on Ukrainians is a solution to the Russian problem.

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    1. WHEW! Where to start? OK.. first of all, I’m extremely flattered that you want me of all people to be Secretary of State. Unfortunately, that would be just as catastrophic as having Tea Leone do it in real life (she sucked at it on TV as well!). I do believe that you have your history right, however, and yes, our diplomats and presidents (many, from both parties) have really screwed the pooch when it came to how to deal with the old USSR and current day Russia (which Putin wants to revert back to USSR mode). A cease-fire is a fine thing IF both sides adhere to it. Unfortunately, I don’t think the Russians would since they ignored the “humanitarian cease-fire” that was in place. I think Putin got fed up with the west “stealing” (his word, not mine) his territories and getting them in NATO. We should have left well enough alone and not gone after those republics. They would all still probably be independent today without the threat of Russian attack if we hadn’t poked the bear.
      I will have to disagree with you on Putin acting like an adult, however. I think he’s acting more like Kim Jong Un than someone with half a brain. He realizes that the stars have aligned to the point where the US is weaker than we’ve been in decades, and if he was ever going to try and take back his “breadbasket”, now was the time to do so. But other than that, and the fact you really don’t want me (or could afford me) as Secretary of State (unless you are going to share the job with me???) then you’ve once again, nailed it! Have a great one!


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