An Open Letter To Joe Biden

Dear Mr. President,

You’ve been in office for just over 15 months now. I can certainly understand you probably have the toughest job in the world, and the over-riding need to let everyone know you’re doing a good job is important to you. But there are certain things you need to understand about the American people, that I think you’re missing.

Mr. President, please stop lying to us.

I know you’ve done it several times, and you also know you’ve done it several times. You can go back to the campaign when you said that Donald Trump didn’t have a plan in dealing with COVID, but you did. In 2020, according to the CDC, the updated figure was 375,000 deaths. That was under Donald Trump. In 2021 under your administration, there were 467,000 deaths with COVID listed as the primary cause. In all, at the time of this writing, there have been 986,387, of which over 600,000 deaths occurred on your watch. Isn’t it time that you took responsibility for this?

You railed against the fact that Donald Trump was “putting kids in cages” along our southern border. But when you got into office, not only did you do the same thing, according to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a member of your own party who has, unlike you, visited the border, but in 2020, there were 57,674 apprehensions along the southern border of illegals, under Donald Trump. In 2021, under your administration, there were over 1,000,000 illegals crossing the border. That’s a 1700% increase in one year. And your administration failed to call this a “crisis” for the first nine months in office. Isn’t it about time you do something to close the southern border to illegals?

Inflation has been on the rise since you took office in January of 2021. In 2020, under your predecessor, the inflation rate was 1.36%. Officially, under your watch for 2021, the inflation rate was 4.60%. And so far in 2022, it’s nudged upwards to 8.0%. You originally said the inflation was “transitory” and we shouldn’t worry about it. Then you said inflation could be a good thing. Now, you’re running scared on the subject, and blaming Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Which is it? Why are you lying about it, and why aren’t you telling us the truth?

The price of gas on the day you took office around the country was $2.38 a gallon. Today, it’s $4.58 a gallon. That’s an increase of $2.20 cents, almost a 100% rise in 15 months. You blame Vladimir Putin for the increase, but actually, the price of gas from March to April has dropped one cent on average. Once again, you have lied to the American public. Isn’t it time you tell the people that put you into office that you were responsible for the increase, not Putin?

Crime in this country was rampant under Donald Trump, through no fault of his own. We had Antifa and Black Lives Matter protests in cities across the country. Innocent businesses were burned to the ground, with the perpetrators not charged for any crime. Lives were lost. And this year, it continues. You have done nothing to aid in the apprehension of smash and grab criminals who race into a place of business with ten or fifteen people, smash and grab anything they can, and run off. What are you doing to stem this tide?

You have certainly taken a victory lap when it comes to jobs in this country. You’ve claimed that you have created more jobs more quickly than anyone else in history. What you have failed to tell your constituents is that 97% of those jobs were people going back to work after COVID. You didn’t create those jobs, they were there and they were waiting for people to do them. You are happy to boast an unemployment rate of 3.6%, but you fail to tell people that there are currently ten million jobs available out there and anyone that wants a job can take a job. We have a glut of jobs. Why only 500,000 people per month are going back to work is something you haven’t explained. There is no victory lap needed here. You haven’t won anything.

In case you’re wondering, America doesn’t think you’re doing a very good job. You have the lowest job approval rating in history. Yes, it’s even lower than Donald Trump’s. You’ve sunk into the 30’s now, which is amazing considering that 41% of the population calls themselves Democrats. Yet you lie to the public and tell them that you’re helping bring in one of the greatest economies of all time. That’s just not true.

These are just several examples, Mr. President of your failure as the leader of the United States. We haven’t even mentioned several of your failures like the withdrawal from Afghanistan, and the abandonment of several hundred American citizens in that country (as well as several thousand Afghans who helped America throughout their occupation in that country). And please don’t get me started on your son, and your lies trying to protect him. When are you going to tell America the truth? America is waiting. And we are voting in the midterm elections in a scant six and a half months.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


8 thoughts on “An Open Letter To Joe Biden

  1. One of the great advantages of blogging is that it gives us bloggers a way to vent our frustrations to the world. I do a lot of it myself.

    What i hate most about using my blog as a venting mechanism is that I have ideas that might be of some help in the problems I bitch about, but I do not have the clout to actually do anything materially substantive to help. I am a serf. I admit I am a somewhat rich serf, but still one of “The Little Guys” when it comes to any thought of trying to catch the attention of anyone in Washington, DC and environs.

    I think most everyone is aware of the failures of our government … we hear a lot about it in every available media except for the media that has made itself partisan “Yes People” to the agendas they favor.

    I find myself often bitching about how bad things are.

    But I also find myself failing for some reason unknown to me to offer any solutions for the things I bitch about.

    I hear talking heads on the media griping about the things they find wrong with America but I have yet to hear any of them offer any ideas that might change things.

    Yes, President Biden needs to hear the words you have written here … Most of Washington needs to hear the words you have written here … but I doubt sincerely that if any of them ever do hear these words, none of them are going to do anything about them …It seems to me that once somebody gets themselves elected to office, they forget all about their promises and their constituents but rather, become enamored of the glitz and glamour of their offices and from that point forward they forget about why they were elected and focus on how they can keep their cushy government jobs.

    But along with telling Biden what is wrong, is there some way that you and I can come up with some suggested solutions to those government short-falls … suggestions that might have at least a Peck’s chance in hell of being listened to in the hallowed halls of an indifferent set of legislators who are more interested in fighting each other than in serving us?

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    1. You hit the nail on the head John. It’s exactly why I started this blog (and it’s predecessor). It was to bitch about Obamacare when it passed and the Supreme Court issued a very lame argument for it’s legality. Having said that, don’t feel that you’re just a little guy that doesn’t have a voice. If blogs and YouTube and the like have taught us anything, it’s that the little guy has more of a voice in this day and age than ever before! Keep fighting and bitching for what you believe in. We may agree or we may disagree. That’s not the issue. The issue is, there are millions of people out there that will agree with you. It’s just being persistent enough to let them find you!

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  2. I wish Mr. Biden would read your letter, but he won’t. Nor would he ever. No more than Mr. Obama read or responded to letters, emails, and phone calls from angry black Americans whose lives became worse under his administration, rather than better. In the first instance, the president would never see your letter because his handlers would see to that. At some point in every politician’s career, they learn to “stop caring” what anyone thinks about them or their policies. The political career is a numbers game with an unlimited number of do-overs. I read somewhere that the goombahs estimate that for every letter they receive, there are 5,000 people who feel that same way. Two such letters, 10,000 people. Even if you increased the number of such letters to well over 100, it would still be a statistical anomaly. This may explain why few people ever bother to write letters to their elected officials. It doesn’t matter. Good on you for trying, though.

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    1. It’s very sad, but true. We’ve reached that point where politicians stopped caring about people like you and me and would only do so if we could bundle $100,000 or more for their next campaign. And that’s why we must always be vigilant in trying to change the system.

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