What’s Going On With The Shootings?

I don’t usually say much about these mass shootings that have been going on. There’s usually enough grousing about it on both sides. Let me just say this. It IS a tragedy. However I think the media, who rarely gets anything right, and the Democrats and leftists out there are getting it wrong on one account. It ain’t the guns doing the killing. It’s other people.

Joe Biden called the latest mass shooting at a Tops Friendly Market in Buffalo, “a national embarrassment.” Presidents going back as far as the eye can see have tried to stop the violence. It hasn’t worked. So let’s take a look at why it hasn’t worked.

It’s not the guns.

If you look at what the left is saying, they are calling the latest shooting in Buffalo a “racist” killing. 18 year old, Payton Gendron was taken into custody after killing 10 people. He was arraigned Saturday evening on first degree murder charges. Gendron is white. The shooting occurred in a mostly black neighborhood. But is race the issue here? I think not. In 2021 in Boulder, Colorado, a Syrian man shot and killed ten people at a King Soopers grocery store. Look at the mass shooting in New York City on the subway last month. The shooter was black. Race isn’t the issue here.

Was it right-wing ideology? Nope. That doesn’t fit either. Shooters have crossed ideological lines all over the place. You can’t blame it on Trump. You can’t blame it on George W. Bush. You can’t even blame it on Biden or Obama. It’s not ideological.

So, what was it?

I’m going to have to join the ever-growing group that says it’s a mental illness situation. I think it’s basically the situation that we’re seeing a decline in our social fabric. What’s causing it? I really believe it’s the breakdown of the family, and a laxness in religious belief. We’re seeing fewer and fewer people going to church. We’re seeing families that are now second and third generation single parent households. And those kids grow up without the proper parental guidance. I’m not going to blame it on Hollywood or violent video games, though that may be part of it. But somewhere, these shooters have a few screws loose. That seems to be the cause, and that is the issue that needs to be addressed.

Let’s all agree on one thing. If you got rid of guns altogether, and no one had them, there would still be murders. People would be stabbed, bombed, strangled, you name it. Guns are convenient, yes. But guns aren’t the cause of the murders. People are the cause of the murders. And by the way, don’t blame Trump. In the last three presidents, Barack Obama in eight years in office had 18 mass shootings in which eight or more people were killed. Donald Trump had seven on his watch in four years. Joe Biden in 16 months has had 12.

I know the familiar mantra is to blame the guns and call for the banning of assault rifles. That doesn’t matter. Until we start getting serious in this country about mental health, and not allowing those that aren’t sane to have guns, this will continue. Payton Gendron was a racist, that we know is true. But he also had to be mentally ill. You don’t travel three hours from home to target a black neighborhood’s grocery store and then target blacks in that grocery store if you’re all there mentally. Banning guns isn’t the problem. Banning people that shouldn’t have guns is. That’s not to say that is going to get rid of the problem either, but it will help.

Look at the city of Chicago. There are more shootings in Chicago than just about everywhere else in the country. There have been 186 murders in Chicago (up to the point this was written) in 2022, and there were 800 there last year! And this is a city that has outlawed guns. How is that happening? It happens because the shooters don’t care if they are breaking the law of having a gun. They are already breaking the law in murdering someone. Why would they care if you tack on another three years to a life sentence?

Until the leftists realize what the problem really is, and take steps to solve that problem, you’re going to see these mentally ill people continue to shoot up America. What’s it going to take to get them to realize, guns don’t kill people. It’s the person with their finger on the trigger.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

7 thoughts on “What’s Going On With The Shootings?

  1. If anyone on this planet knows about national embarrassments, it has to be Joe Biden. Here’s what else I find embarrassing — that in a nation of 330-million people (give or take a few million), any lucid official thinks that a behavioral anomaly (whether it involves firearms, machetes, or butter knives) signals the end of civilization as we know it. Here’s my advice to Joe Biden and/or any one of his millions of brain-dead acolytes: find a real problem in America and solve it. Oh, I don’t know … maybe something like homelessness, where the numbers are a national embarrassment — and most of those people, by the way, truly do suffer from mental illness. By the way, your diagnosis is important, because if it truly is “mental illness” driving mass shootings, then public executions won’t work to arrest the situation. Lunacy is lunacy and we know this from simply observing Democrats since 1828. Democrats — performing surgeries without a proper diagnosis for nearly 200 years.

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    1. Don’t forget, it was the Dems who caused homelessness in the first place. All of the mentally ill that are currently on the streets used to be housed in institutions. Was it the best place in the world? No…but it had to be better than living under a bridge like a troll!

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  2. In the cases of 176+ victims in Houston over the past two plus years, Democrat judges have released felons to murder those 176+ victims. (I say “176+ victims” because 176 was the figure last week when I last researched it.)

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    1. I wonder what would happen if those judges that released the murderers were found guilty and jailed for “aiding and abetting in the crime”, if the people that they let go committed a crime while free? Seems like that should be the judges’ responsibility, doesn’t it?


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