Looking At The Shiny Coin Over Here…

Here’s a question, and I’m not sure everyone can get the answer to it. What does the party in charge of Congress do when they realize they are up for a very tough election year? Well, truth be told, they do a LOT of things. But there are a few things that stand out.

They can try to win over your vote by passing a short-term tax cut. But the current keepers of Congress don’t believe in tax cuts, so that probably wouldn’t happen. They can pass massive spending bills (more their style) that spend billions of dollars on things that you would notice, and they can take credit for. Or, they can do the “Potomac Two-Step”.

Now, if you’re a fan of Tom Clancy, and you remember the phrase being used in “Clear & Present Danger”, you’re kind of on the right track here. What they do is feign their best Penn & Teller routine. They show you the shiny coin over here to get your attention away from what they really don’t want you focused on. And my hunch is, the House Intelligence Committee did the same thing this past week.

They have decided that after fifty years, this week, Congress held public hearings on whether or not we have been visited by aliens.

Yeah. You read that right. For the first time in a half a century, after all the stuff that has gone on about UFO’s and dead aliens being kept in Roswell, New Mexico or at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio, Congress, well, the Democrats in Congress decided that they are going to whet America’s appetite for all things alien. And I’m not talking about the illegal kind that are about three hours south of me.

It begs the question, why now?

Is it because there are so many real problems that need tackling that Congress doesn’t want to deal with, so they manufacture this special committee hearing so you won’t be hounding them about fixing immigration, or finishing the wall, or dealing with inflation, or supply chain issues, or a dead economy? Of course it is. When in doubt, do something big. Do something unexpected. Hold hearings on something that you think a lot of people will tune in for. The only problem is, there are a lot bigger problems in our country right now, even IF we are being visited by folks who live in another planet or galaxy.

These Democrats think that if you believe that you’re watching them do “the people’s work”, then maybe come November, you’re going to forget about the fact that your baby doesn’t have any Similac. Your paycheck only goes half as far as it did before Joe Biden took office. That we’re spending billions of dollars on Ukraine, a country that granted we feel for them, but they really don’t have any strategic value to the United States. Or that our porous border with Mexico gets crossed more than a nun who doubles as a prostitute.

My hunch is their still wrong. I think America has pretty well made up it’s mind. I mean, out here in the desert, you’d think that with all the TV ads he’s running, Mark Kelly (D-AZ) was trying to get his name out there, and show people that only Jesus Christ has had a more positive impact on people of earth. I mean, the Colorado River doesn’t flow each and every day unless Mark blesses it! Yes, it’s a tight race, and yes, Kelly is going to pump millions of dollars into it. So is whomever the Republicans end up nominating in August. But UFO’s? Is this what the Dems’ have left on their plate? If it is, this is going to either be the easiest takeover of Congress in history, or the biggest voter fraud case in history. I’m just not sure which yet.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

5 thoughts on “Looking At The Shiny Coin Over Here…

  1. I often conclude that I don’t have the “big picture” of the American political scene. I’m not sure anyone does. But I do admit to being fascinated by the ludicrousness of our political system. (Note: I never used the word ludicrous in a sentence until after I heard it as part of the dialogue in the film Space Balls). Amazingly, it turns out that Space Balls was the source of the U.S. Navy’s heavily edited video proving the existence of “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP).” This entire affair takes me back to the good old days of Operation Blue Book.

    You’re right, though … the Congressional hearing made me forget that I’m now paying $4.39 for a gallon of gasoline, that there are shortages in baby formula, or that someone decided to hire a flake as White House spokes-critter. And you’re also right to suggest that any revelation concerning UAPs probably won’t affect how I vote in November.

    But getting back to the body politic… you know, earth politics may be what keeps aliens from invading earth and taking over our planet. Earth politics may have the same effect on extra-terrestrials that beer has on snails. I can imagine an asteroid in space, with an implanted flashing neon sign written in an alien language that tells everyone to beware of the losers on planet number three.

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  2. I’m betting on the fraud. Biden already said he didn’t have a gas price strategy………he is right there is none. The strategy is let it be, sooner or later we will come to just accept it as the new normal prices. Only thing is it will still continue to rise. They’ll, penny, nickel and dime it upwards. And now we can all get excited about the slightly tossed body of Hillary Clinton under her own bus. That will attract some additional attention away. Only thing is it’s just that a decoy……..away from issues because they will never punish poor Hillary for anything illegal. She’d make a great illegal immigrant wouldn’t she?

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    1. I doubt it’s going to continue to rise more than the next two years. Put a Republican in charge and watch the gas prices come down to where they were. As for Hillary, I doubt she could make the walk from Guatemala to our border!!! She’d probably want an air conditioned limo to take her!

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