Eating Their Own

I’ve always felt that since the Democrat party was “one giant tent” that had a lot of people in it that had a million differing ideas of what should be done first, that eventually it would have to collapse. Not everyone could agree on doing things the same way all the time. Someone would want to push their ideas to the front of the line, and that would upset everyone.

It’s happening.

If you take a look, starting on day one when Joe Biden took office, the left has been fighting with itself far more than they’ve been fighting with the Republicans. AOC and the Whackjob Five have basically had Nancy Pelosi in a headlock since the term began. In the Senate, Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema can’t seem to get on board with the progressives of the party, like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. And Chuck Schumer is sitting there wondering what to do about it as he polishes his forehead.

On his first day in office, Biden cancelled the Keystone XL Pipeline project, much to the chagrin of union bosses all over the country. These were the same union bosses that were pushing for Biden’s election over Donald Trump, and on his first day in office, this is how he repaid them!

And it’s been continuing and showing itself outside of the halls of Congress. Uber-leftist Bill Maher blasted former White House Spokesperson, Jen “Circle Back” Psaki when she said she didn’t have an “official position” as to where folks protest. That came in response to a question she was asked if the White House felt that Supreme Court Justices’ homes should be targeted by protesters. Bill Maher went crazy on it.

And of course, the latest example happened earlier this week when Jeff Bezos, the former CEO of Amazon, and himself a very left of center liberal (and owner of the Washington Post) has been accelerating his war on words against Joe Biden. Bezos is blaming the White House for wanting to raise taxes on the wealthy in order to “stem the inflation spiral”. As Bezos put it, all that’s going to do is increase the rate of inflation even more, and we’re at a 40 year high already! He sounds more like a Reagan Republican than he does a socialist!

I guess you can also add in fight between most liberals who are aghast that Elon Musk is buying Twitter and wants to make sure that Freedom of Speech is the rule of the day. Now, mind you, Musk has admitted that he has “voted for far more Democrats than Republicans” in his voting life, and certainly wouldn’t ever be considered a moderate or a conservative. So, why is the left all upset at him? Because they’re afraid that he’s going to make Twitter more mainstream, and less socialist in thought.

And these are just four examples. There are dozens and dozens. Liberals are in such a big tent that they are going to fight it out amongst themselves to see which topic is something that they should all be fighting for. Gone are the days when the Women’s Libbers and the NOW gang wanted to get the ERA passed with the help of EVERY Democrat. Now, it’s every issue for itself!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

6 thoughts on “Eating Their Own

  1. Chug are you honestly saying that since you support such lunatics it is okay that our nation be destroyed by them also? Are you ok living with the higher gas prices and food shortages? No baby formula? The way Afghanistan was not handled properly? There are many more things wrong in our nation – the influx of illegal immigrants? All that is ok? No wall to protect American citizens that pay their taxes? What is your point because from where I stand the Carter administration looks far better when compared to Biden’s and sadly due to cognitive impairment the man does not know his front from his behind and it is Rice running the nation not Biden. Does that not concern you?

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  2. It is true what you write. Some days I just cannot believe what I read, see, and hear. So instead I go to God and thank Him for all I have, most importantly for giving me life and health, because all the rest is just dung.

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