Taking Over Your 401k

If you are working anywhere in corporate America, you probably were given as a perk a 401k that you can contribute to. Most employers also kick in a percentage as a match to what you put in the kitty. That amount is then invested somewhere, usually in mutual funds, and as you work it grows so you have money left for retirement. A part of that is about to change if Joe Biden has his way.

Last year, Biden signed an executive order calling for those that run the 401k’s to prioritize climate change concerns when deciding where you should invest your money.

Apparently, Biden doesn’t feel that it’s enough that he’s spending trillions of your taxpayer dollars trying to stop something that no scientist anywhere in the world can say with certainty is caused by humankind. Instead, he also wants to get into your retirement plan and make sure that you are investing in “green companies”.

Well, it’s not going so well. He issued the EO last spring, and nothing has been done to advance the proposed rule change. But it did get the notice of 24 states who are now telling Biden that they will fight him on it if he continues to push it. If Biden decides he wants to go through with the proposed change, almost half of the country will sue him over it, and you can bet it will once again, be headed to the Supreme Court.

Frankly, it’s not the government’s job to dictate to anyone where they should invest their money. If you want to invest in pot farms, then you have the legal right to do it in states that have legalized marijuana. If you want to invest in Tesla because they make electric vehicles (EV’s), then you have the right to do that. Where you put your money, and especially your retirement money is totally up to you (or at least it should be). But Democrats have this burr in their behinds about wanting to make sure your money is safe. That’s why they are so against taking Social Security money and investing it in the stock market. Well, that’s their reasoning anyway. The real reason they don’t want that is because they can’t raid that money whenever they want if it’s invested somewhere that is actually providing a decent return on investment.

And that is just the problem that is going to occur here.

Look, if you’re into the whole eco-green-climate warming change thing, fine. Enjoy. But don’t force me into doing something that frankly I don’t think we as human beings can do anything about. Earth has warmed and cooled for millions of years. It’s been doing it long before man set foot on the planet, and it’s done so without man helping or hurting the planet. It’s just what the earth does. That’s why we have the Great Lakes. We have them because we had an ice age millions of years ago, and when that melted, voila! We ended up with Great Lakes dug and filled thanks to…wait for it…global warming!

But that doesn’t mean I want to invest in a company that is trying to keep the earth’s temperature at a certain level. First of all, how are you going to do that? Second, what are you going to do if you ban all of the cars, and the planes, and the cows that fart, and the temperature still goes up? You’re going to look like a fool, that’s what. That’s one reason why former eco-terrorist, and leading climate change activist, Michael Shellenbarger has come out and apologized that he was wrong about climate change. It ain’t something we can do anything about. So, if that’s true (and no one has disputed that), then you have a situation where you’re investing your retirement future into something that probably isn’t going to give you any return on your money…only a loss. If that’s the case, do me a favor. Let me know in the comments below and I’ll tell you where to send the money…I’ll keep it nice and safe for you. You won’t make any more money than you would sending it to some green company, but at least you’ll make me happy!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

4 thoughts on “Taking Over Your 401k

  1. Is it me or does the news of this and so many other issues seem to be growing worse by the day? Good Lord!

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    1. It’s the whole liberal mentality. Push the envelope as far as you can. Then when you get pushback, keep pushing harder and double down. That’s how Venezuela got into it’s problems, and that’s what has gotten us into our problems! If everyone would have just kept telling AOC she was a bratty little kid when she first came up with that Green New Deal crap, maybe it would have gone away. But I doubt it. They don’t see rejection as a loss. They see it more as a challenge.

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