What Do You Do If You’re A Terribly Unpopular Politician?

That would depend on who you are, I guess. I’m thinking that if it were me, I’d find another line of work rather quickly. I like to eat too much to not have any money coming in! But for someone like Bill de Blasio, the lure of power seems to be too great.

I’m sure by now, you’ve heard that de Blasio, the former mayor of New York, and 2020 presidential hopeful who’s campaign died very quickly, is going to enter the political fray once again, this time for US Congress. de Blasio announced last Friday that he was going to enter the race for the newly carved out 10th congressional seat in New York. It encompasses Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Now, it is assumed that this new district will probably draw a lot of attention. So, the mere fact that de Blasio has decided he wants to run for Congress in no way suggests that he has a chance at actually winning the primary when it occurs on August 23rd. Currently, there are seven Dems vying for the position, including incumbent, Jerry Nadler. So if de Blasio hopes to win the seat (Democrats basically control this district), he’s going to have to unseat a good friend of his in Jerry (I can’t kneel) Nadler.

And this is what gets me about politicians. If they lose at one thing, that’s ok. They just turn around and run for something else, and it really doesn’t matter what it was. Take Beto O’Rourke as an example. He climbed the ladder from city councilman in El Paso to the Congress, where he served for six years. Then he ran for president and lost terribly. Then he ran for the Senate against Ted Cruz and got handed his rear end. Now, he’s running for Texas Governor, and the odds aren’t good he will do much better. Same thing for people like de Blasio. He seems to be totally unaware that he was a terrible candidate for president, and that he was cited as being the worst mayor in New York City for the last century!

Good luck to de Blasio. I guess when you’re a politician, you have to do something, anything to keep in front of the people, even if it means your going to be embarrassed and lose the race!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

3 thoughts on “What Do You Do If You’re A Terribly Unpopular Politician?

  1. Politics is like bank robbery, only where you can get away with it — which is its main perk. What would these people do for a living if it weren’t for politics? Can you imagine Pelosi as a sales clerk in Victoria Secret? Chuck Schumer selling cars at a Hyundai dealership? Beto O’Rourke selling condoms just outside the men’s shower stalls at a truck stop along Highway 10? Billy De Blasio hawking Flex Seal on channel 13? So, politics, lawyering, or jail — s’bout their only chance for gainful employment in life. Generally, I have nothing “good” to say about politicians, no matter what their party affiliation, but if you want to hear a real rant one day, ask me how I feel about the people to elect these low-life politicians.

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    1. Mustang, you had me rolling on the floor. I can certainly see Schumer as a car salesman. I couldn’t see Pelosi near a Victoria’s Secret (their choice, not hers), As for Beto, I think he’d own his own business…a gun shop. And de Blasio selling Flex Seal sounds about right. You really have done some research here!


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