It’s Official!

The entire political crowd inside the beltway is talking about Joe Biden, and not in a good way. The latest Associated Press poll came out, one of the few that basically had Biden still simmering at 41%. But that was before the latest monthly poll came out. He has dropped down to 39%. That’s lower than Donald Trump at this point in his tenure, and it’s lower than where he was a year ago in the AP poll by about 24%! That’s right. Last April, Biden’s poll numbers were at 63% approval! You almost have to try to become the least popular president in American history to top that!

And the rest of the news wasn’t as good for the 46th president. Only two in ten Americans said the country was on the right track, down from three in ten last time around. What’s really interesting is when you get inside the numbers, you find it’s not the Republicans or even the independents that are shying away from Biden…it’s his own Democrats! Only 73% of Democrats approve of Biden’s job so far, and that’s down from 82% a year ago. In fact, Democrats held Biden at 82% approval all throughout 2021.

When asked if Biden’s policies have helped or hurt the economy, 18% said they’ve helped. That’s down from 24% in March as the inflation spiral starts to take hold, and the food and baby formula shortages are increasing. Over half the country (51%) have said his policies have hurt the country, while 30% said that his policies haven’t made a difference one way or the other.

In a separate poll from Quinnipiac, Biden’s support among Hispanic voters is now at 26%. That’s down from 55% a year ago. And in terms of November’s midterm elections, it doesn’t get any better. There is a nine point swing toward Republicans when it comes to the “generic ballot” question…you know…will you vote for the Republican or the Democrat? I can’t recall Republicans ever having that big of a margin over the Dems! One model shows there will be a 44 seat swing in the House to the Republicans, giving them a solid majority. But what’s shocking is the Senate. The same model shows the GOP picking up 11 seats. That would give them 61, and would mean they don’t need Democrats to vote in anything! They would be only six seats away from veto-proof majority, and that’s saying something!

It’s just the latest prediction that there is a red-wave-tsunami coming and it doesn’t appear Democrats have any chance of slowing it down, much less stopping it. That may be why Biden and Nancy Pelosi are trying to double down on the Dem’s uber-liberal agenda. They know the end is coming soon and they want to pass anything and everything they can before next January!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


5 thoughts on “It’s Official!

  1. I’ll have to view this strategy.
    I’m involved in local politics and was wondering at what point do you destroy an incompetent incumbent of your own party?
    Too soon and people will forget and reelect.
    Too close to election and you might hurt candidates you want elected.

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    1. I think you are correct on both accounts. And you also have to take into account the situation that is happening now. Look at Congress. Democrats have continually elected people like Nancy Pelosi (and probably will in November as well) but there are several in both houses of Congress that will lose their seats, probably through no fault of their own. They are doing exactly what they have been doing since they got to DC. They are going to lose because of Joe Biden. So the question becomes, how many lose their seats because of someone that is incompetent up ballot from where they are? I mean, you could be talking Governors, State Houses, as well as Congress in November. It could decimate the Democrats!


      1. It will decimate the Democrats but too many “Republicans ” have a Loser Mentality and will join with “moderate” communists (they’ll let you die a bit slower) ana Democrats to be “bipartisan ” aka do it the way the Leftists aka Globalists want it.

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      2. Right again! Just because you have an “R” after your name doesn’t mean you are one of the “good ones”. It just means you’re living in an area where you probably couldn’t get elected if you had a “D” after your name!

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