Biden Cratering Continues

Oh, it’s not just the presidential approval ratings that are cratering. It’s the economy as well. Joe Biden got some terrible news on last Thursday. He found out that according to the Associated Press’ presidential approval numbers, his nose-dive into concrete is continuing.

Currently only 36% of those folks selected feel he’s doing a good job! 56% of all Americans, including some 70% of Democrats feel that the country is headed in the wrong direction. In fact, only about 25% of Democrats feel the country is on the right track. Now add to that the latest numbers on the economy. It showed that last quarter, the economy shrunk by 1.5%. That means that Elon Musk’s prediction that we are headed for a recession this year rather than next year is on track to become a reality in less than three months. If the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) falls again in the second quarter, that’s two consecutive quarters of negative growth, and that’s the definition of recession.

If that were to happen, that would spell doom, worse than it is, for the Democrats in the midterm elections. As some of the pundits were saying on TV after the news broke, it could spell the extinction of the Democrat party. Wouldn’t that be a shame???

The other thing I found interesting, and it was the first time I really heard mainstream media pundits talking about it was, that Democrats were doing this to the economy on purpose. The reason was they keep talking about “we’re in a transition”. But no one has asked the question, “a transition to what?” If that weren’t the case, if this were just the ebb and flow of economic indicators, the Democrats, or whomever were in charge, would be doing everything in their power to reverse the direction. That doesn’t seem to be happening with Biden.

And that makes sense when you think about it. Ever since Obama campaigned on “a transformational change to government”, the Dems have been looking at ways to tear down the economy and our way of life so that a socialistic government could replace a democratic-republic that we currently use. They know that America won’t just go along with it unless their is something severe that is a worse alternative. I fear that is where we are heading.

The good news is, we’re only less than six months away from the election. And I doubt very seriously that you’re going to see Republicans do anything between now and then to help Democrats in anything they are trying to do. The only question is, how deep will the wounds be to the Democrat party and how long will they last?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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  1. Few political organizations are as resilient as the American Comm … er … Democratic Party. And few organizations are as adept at self-immolation as the GOP. With all that going for us, what can possibly go wrong for America?

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  2. I am puzzled with your numbers? If 56% of all Americans think we are headed in the wrong direction and 70% of Democrats believe that, then it would mean only 46% of Republicans and Independents (and all others) believe we are plunging. I believe there are more Republicans and Independents that actually believe we are on the wrong road than Democrats. I’d say they would make up about 80-90%. Seems that 56% for all should be MUCH higher. It would amaze me to think that even if 10% of Americans thought we were headed in the right direction………What the hell would they be looking at? And on the extinction of the Democratic Party? So, they’d just go by a different name……but their liberalism would not go away. I find it difficult to believe they would accept their policies and beliefs don’t work and change their way of thinking. Much has to do with corruption as well. Most corrupt only become more corrupt. I know there are good people even in the Democratic Party, but those that would start to lean in a new/different direction would be those folks. Would that be enough to get us on the right track. It would help obviously……I just don’t see that many Dems changing their mind sets. I have friends that are liberal Democrats………I can’t picture them going to the other side. My God, that would mean admitting defeat. Got gas yesterday, cost me $61.47; I won’t tell you the words I expressed at the pump, with others (and they stood and nodded too). I can only imagine what you are paying out in the desert!

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    1. Maybe they didn’t include as many Dems as they did Republicans and independents? I don’t know the answer to that one. Just report what I read. Anyway…out here I paid $12.57 for 2.5 gallons of gas for my golf cart. I went to Fry’s (Krogers), and used a ten cent discount I had. I think it brought the price own to around $5.03 a gallon. Regular price has been as high as $5.25 or so.


      1. Joe would tell you to get an electric golf cart. So isn’t it fun to pay much more for gas so you can go and buy groceries at a higher price (even more than you paid last week). Jo Ann bought a 1/2 gallon of milk yesterday and said she paid nearly $4 for it. A senior older guy next to her grabbed a 1/2 gallon and said to her “Damn I bought this same 1/2 gallon a week ago when it was $2 something.” But we’re better off paying higher prices, as Joe said “we’ll see the benefits later”! Oh and it happened, some student loans forgiven. I want my money back!!

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      2. So, my question is if buyer’s remorse is the way to get the government to forgive loans, can I say I paid too much for my car, my golf cart, my house, etc? As for the inflation, it’ll bite Joe on his backside soon enough!

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