So What Are Most Americans Worried About???

Tonight, the House Select Committee is going to try and take your mind off of inflation. It’s going to take your mind off of the fact that gasoline prices have been rising, like five cents a day over the past couple of days and now nationally is almost $5.00 a gallon (it’s $5.39 here in the desert!). And they are going to try and take your mind off of the fact that the US is literally a month away from going into a recession by definition (two straight quarters of negative growth in the Gross Domestic Product). And they are going to try and get your mind off of the fact there is still no end in sight to a baby formula shortage that the administration says they’ve been working around the clock on since February…of course, Biden didn’t find out about it until early April.

And they are going to do that by holding hearings on the January 6th protest at the Capitol in prime time and televise it. Already ABC and CBS signed on to cover it, and so have all of the cable news channels. That basically means that America will be doing something other than watching television on Thursday night. I mean, unless it’s something like the Nixon impreachment hearings back in the 1970’s, this is not close to “must see TV”!

And Democrats are already screaming that it’s not going to have a major difference come November. It’s a lame attempt at an issue that now most Americans don’t care a whit about. In fact, according to a recent NBC News poll, 55% say that Donald Trump was “only somewhat” or “not at all” responsible for the January 6th protest in which people stormed the Capitol. That means that even Democrats are saying that Trump didn’t have much, if anything to do with it.

And we are hearing more and more bantering about things from the administration that are just not true. For instance, Joe Biden, Jerome Powell, Janet Yellen, and a cast of characters ranging from Representatives to Senators are out there proclaiming that the economy is robust and in great shape! Now if that were the case, can anyone tell my addled mind how it is the economy could have possibly SHRUNK by 1.5% in the first quarter of this year? Can anyone tell me why it is that we’re seeing the worst bout of inflation since Jimmy Carter? Why is it that we have gas prices now at record, never before seen prices?

The reason for the above questions can be answered very simply by taking a page out of Bill Clinton’s playbook. If you tell a lie long enough, and repeat it loud enough, people will begin to believe it. But there is another part to that tactic. The people can’t be allowed to see the actual reality of what is happening. And that is what’s going on now in America. People are seeing that they need to look for alternatives for baby formula. They need to cut back on their summer vacations because the gas prices are more than double what they were under Donald Trump. They need to realize that we haven’t had inflation this bad for over 40 years. And yet, Democrats continue to spout off that everything is fine. And the fact that the House Select Committee looking into the January 6th protest is just an attempt to get you to look at the shiny coin, and keep your eyes off of what’s real.

We haven’t seen House or Senate hearings on the $6 billion in damages caused by Black Lives Matter. We haven’t seen people prosecuted for the 30 people that were killed during riots in Portland, or Seattle, or Minneapolis, or New York, or Los Angeles. But there are people sitting in jail today, that have been there for 19 months without a trial, without bail, without anything for a crime that they haven’t necessarily been charged with.

My overriding question to all of this is, are we going to start prosecuting Patrisse Cullors for the riots held by BLM? When is Hillary Clinton going to have to answer to the Durham Report? What about Hunter Biden? When will we see HIS hearings? Are the Republicans going to do to Merrick Garland what was done to William Barr? Will there be an impeachment vote on Garland for his failure to keep the Department of Justice non-partisan? What about the FBI, which has turned out to be nothing short of the Democrats’ police department? When are they going to get the justice that they deserve? It’s about time there was parity in politics…and so far all we are hearing from the Biden administration are lies.

The truth shall survive!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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  1. I’ll be watching Tucker at 5pm (8 EST) on FOX because they’re not drinking the Kool-Aid and not broadcasting this kangaroo court.

    Did you ever think the country could go to shit so soon?

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    1. Actually, no. Back when Bobo Obama was in the White House, he made a comment that you cannot “systematically transform government in two terms in the White House.” I thought that was a very telling remark. Now I think he’s wrong. Biden has successfully done what Obama couldn’t do. He’s literally on a path to destroy the democracy.

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  2. I have some good news: a renowned Christian Prophet Timothy V. Dixon’s latest dream showed Nancy Pelosi getting arrested in the future, in a huge raid at the Capitol. A number of others got taken down in the raid including a number of FBI Officers who aided and abetted in the usurping of power in the USA. The Bidet Clown Court and Circus Show got taken out, and Donald Trump got the surprise of his life as he got reinstated. Hang Tough, Lone Cactus!!!

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  3. Why didn’t they call the 475 riots, lootings, burnings, shootings and attacks on police, civilians and federal court houses a “threat to our democracy” in the summer Biden’s first year ? The left fake news media called these events mostly tame and did not show the fires and attacks in the streets. I was astonished. June 6 ? I loved every minute of it. I was cheering for the patriots. Now , I am saddened about people injured or died but those democrats that call us the deporables got shown to whom the power belongs that day. To the people who are resisting the tyranny. Just who the hell do those Washington democrats think they are ? I hope their “better than you” and “holier than thou” arrogance got leveled and leveled permantly. A threat to democracy ? How about 2 million illegals they’ve let in and not a one has a background check, a criminal records check or even a verifiable birth certificate. Now that’s a real threat to our democracy.

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  4. Reblogged this on ARLIN REPORT……………….walking this path together and commented:
    An investigative hearing? Not really…..more like an event where TV/cable news cameras are rolling while a bunch of personally selected goons of Nancy Pelosi spout off about something that they claim nearly killed them all on Jan. 6th. They don’t want to talk about the riots, looting and arson attacks in multiple cities across America. How many people on this panel did you recognize from The Donald Trump Impeachment Circus? It has some of the same clowns from that totally tax payers funded party. Except last nights showcase had no individuals present that could give an opposing statement, questions or testimony. No one was present to respond to the Cap police officer who told her story of what she experienced on the 6th. She said they didn’t have enough security to handle such an invasion (not her exact quote, but). The security personnel on board that day were overwhelmed, is what she was saying. REALLY? No one was there to inform this young lady that her boss, Nancy Pelosi, refused Donald Trump’s offer of 10,000-20,000 National Guard troops. Of course NANCY turned it down, she wanted Jan. 6th to happen just as it happened. Pelosi is more responsible for the INSURGENCE than Trump. Security, protection of the Capitol was IN HER HANDS. Liz Cheney……..did what Liz likes to do. Spout off about Trump. Last evening was nothing more than a Nancy Pelosi selection of idiots having a controlled press conference, where they state only what they want us to hear and see. BTW, they failed to show the video where the security/police officers opened gates and doors for those violent protestors so they could attack. Lizzy Borden, I mean Cheney read part of a Trump tweet. Only she failed to read the part where Trump said, and I quote “…….GO HOME IN PEACE AND LOVE.”. Last nights star studded prime time entertainment was a bigger joke than the impeachment hearings. Really it’s all about their attempt to save their primaries and Nov. midterm elections. They are trying to keep their losses to a minimum. They may be making it worse. Also as my buddy states in this article he posted, it’s to get our minds off the inflation, the border and everything else they are screwing up. (Arlin Report comment, which may not be the exact opinion of the author of this posted article, I also chose to re-blog this following last evenings circus)

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    1. Thanks for the info! I spent my evening doing many other things than watching that crap. I think my wife and I were watching a Paramount + stream of “The Offer”, which is a multi-part series on how The Godfather was made. Very interesting! Much more so than watching goons try and pat themselves on the back for not liking Donald Trump!

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      1. LOL………Adam Schiff looking as Shifty as ever. The fact he is on THAT committee pretty much says it all, about what THAT committee is about. DECEPTION……..see the hand over here, no, no don’t look at the other hand.

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  5. Carl asked… “Why didn’t they call the 475 riots, lootings, burnings, shootings and attacks on police, civilians and federal court houses a “threat to our democracy” in the summer Biden’s first year ?”

    A fair question and one that deserves an answer.

    Probably because in those instances of violence, which almost all Dems, including President Biden denounced, there was no breach or attack on the actual seat of the US Federal Government. There were not more than 100 federal officers attacked and beaten. No Constitutionally mandated procedure was disrupted, itself a crime, during the violence of the prior year.

    The violence in places like Portland and other cities across the US was horrible. Perhaps the law enforcement response was too slow, or too small.

    But, and this is probably where we disagree, both things can be true. I agree, we should have had a better response to the attacks you cite. But failure to do so does not mean we should not be looking at the events of 1/6.

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    1. As I can recall, the January 6th protest didn’t kill anyone. The Capitol wasn’t burned to the ground. And yes, it was a federal building and part of the seat of government, but also a federal building and a part of the seat of government were the buildings that the rioters in the cities you mentioned took part in. The difference? How many people died at the Capitol and how many died in the riots that Carl noted? Four people died on 1/6. Two of those died of heart attacks. If you look at the BLM riots in 2021, 140 American cities were involved, 36 people died and over 1,000 police were injured…and there was $8 billion in damages. I don’t think you can legitimately compare the two events.

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