The Honeymoon Is Over

Typically, the Washington press corp gives an incoming president a honeymoon period to get used to their new surroundings, and the millions of things that they have to do that they had never done in the past. Typically that period runs about six months or so. In Joe Biden’s case, the honeymoon period has been about a year and a half.

But it appears to be over.

The broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, NBC) as well as the cable channels (CNN & MSNBC), and the liberal newspaper media (Washington Post, New York Times and countless others), seem to be tiring of having to cover for an administration that has so many gaffes, so many mis-steps, so many policy errors that even the most out of touch American understands this is an administration in trouble. And when the mainstream liberal media already has a lower credibility rating than used car salesmen, you have to wonder how much longer are they going to be giving Biden a break.

I don’t think it’s going to go on any longer. With the arrival of Karine Jean-Pierre as Press Secretary, and the departure of Jen Psaki, who at the very least understood how to handle the media, it’s becoming evident that the Washington press folks are starting to lose patience with both Jean-Pierre and Biden himself.

How many times has Biden ad-libbed a line or two from a speech, only to have the White House later come back and walk back what he said? How many times has the administration made a decision to do something, only to have it turn out worse than if a third grader with a bad attitude had made it? How often can Jean-Pierre read her answers from a prepared script when the reporters grill her with questions that any normal person would ask? And when in God’s name is she actually going to answer the question of how the administration was working on the baby formula problem “since February”, but Biden only heard of the problem in “early April”? The media wants to know which “senior advisor” briefed Biden on the topic, but Jean-Pierre isn’t about to throw anyone under the bus this early in her tenure.

We’ve seen this before, and it’s never a good thing for a sitting president. The press decides, in most cases, because of a lack of communications or simple answers, that they’ve had it and they turn from backing the president to slamming him any chance they can. In this case it not only hurts Biden and any chance he would have at reelection in 2024, it hurts the whole Democrat party. Not that the buffoons in Congress need any help looking feckless. But this time, the media had gone to the mat for Biden during the campaign. Time and time again, they had to battle the naysayers that said Biden wasn’t mentally fit for office, and that his gaffes showed more than just mis-speaking. It showed a total lack of knowledge on the subject at hand. Even Donald Trump got some better coverage than what Biden is getting these days. And it can only get worse.

Biden’s only hope is to get a win somewhere, and make it a big win. But we’ll have to wait to see if that can even happen. It needs to happen soon though, because we’re just seven months away from the Republicans taking over Congress. And when that happens, Biden basically becomes a lame duck. Quack!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


11 thoughts on “The Honeymoon Is Over

  1. Becomes a lame duck? I think most reasonable thinking people figured that out when he was campaigning from his basement?

    And do you really think the main stream media, owned and supported by leftists, will ever turn on Biden? Might be the only way to get their ratings higher than his?

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    1. Sure he’s a lame duck. The Dem’s don’t want anything to do with him, now or in 2024! And yes, the mainstream snowflakes realize that if they don’t jump on the anti-Biden bandwagon, they lose about 70% of America. They can’t survive on 30% of an audience.


  2. I am still following you and you may delete this comment. I moved to Blogspot due to some unkind bloggers. Had enough. If I want to intertwine religion (God & Bible) I won’t let anyone say I am a zealot, like an extreme Islamist or next wanting to call out a Fatwa. I was sick over this for over a week. Anyhow do not follow the link in my name unless it gives you the same info I provide here. You are welcome to visit or not. Comment or not. Just wanted ou to know I am still around and will still visit your blog. You have always been kind and gracious to me. Thank you.

    Don’t Walk Alone

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    1. Thank you for the update Elizabeth! Hopefully people will realize that you’re a good and decent person and will leave you alone. You’re always welcome here, and I hope you’d let me know if someone ever said bad things about you on this site! Please stop by any time!!! You can always email me directly at


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