Oregonians Learning The Hard Way

You gotta credit those people in Oregon. At least they are trying. Oh, they are VERY trying! Remember back about a year and a half ago when Oregonians voted basically 56-44% to legalize street drugs? That legalized heroin, cocaine, meth, and just about any other illicit drug that is out there today. And now Oregonians are learning a lesson that I would have thought most people would have figured would be basic knowledge…

Drug use and overdoses in Oregon have risen dramatically.

Now, Oregon officials are dealing with the problem. They are finding their emergency rooms stacked with people dealing with overdoses. Somehow, they never grasped the concept that if you remove an illegality and make it legal that more people would take part in that activity. And for a state that would seem on the surface anyway to be as “health conscious” as Oregon appears to be to do something that is so 180 degrees opposite of that notion is almost unthinkable.

Currently, there are 18 states that have legalized recreational marijuana use, including here in the AZ. And according to a recent study done by Columbia University, in states that have legalized pot, usage has gone up 26% more than in states without legalized pot. Does that surprise anybody?

So, if that study with marijuana seems legit (and it does to me), then why on earth wouldn’t the good people of Oregon realize that if you legalize it, they will use it?

We’ve seen this time and time again with liberal ideas. How many times have states or cities passed liberal issues only to have to go back later and change it back to the way it was. Does anyone remember the “defund the police” movement of a couple years ago? How well did that work out? When the constituency that was all behind defunding the cops realized that the lawmakers were the ones hiring private police to protect them, they changed their tune pretty quickly didn’t they?

What happened when during the pandemic, the federal government started sending people stimulant checks to help those that had been laid off due to business closures? What happened was that the unemployment rate spiked, which everyone figured would happen. What they didn’t figure on was that after the worst of the pandemic was over, most of those people were willing to sit on their couch and collect payments or extended unemployment benefits as opposed to going back to work. Did it occur to anyone that if you’re going to pay people to stay home, people are going to stay home, even when you want them back to work?

Think back a few decades when the federal government decided to subsidize farmers for NOT growing certain crops. If you had 100 acres of land, and you were used to growing corn, if the government would pay you not to grow corn, how many farms switched to soybeans or wheat, AND got paid for not growing corn? Most people are not that stupid. If the government is going to send you money, you most likely are going to accept it. It’s only human nature.

So, if the state of Oregon says it’s OK to buy heroin on the streets of Portland or through a dispensary in Bend, then sure…people are going to experiment. People are going to get hooked on it. And people are going to OD on it. You don’t have to be a friggin’ medical wizzard to figure that one out.

And so it will go as liberals find out all of the stuff conservatives are telling them won’t work fails. Eventually they will come around because they’ll have to. Otherwise, we can just change the name of our country to North Venezuela.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


5 thoughts on “Oregonians Learning The Hard Way

  1. Well…first of all, I think we already can call ourselves North Venezuela when you consider the two-tier judicial system where only Conservative’s and Republican’s go to jail but the thugs in Antifa and BLM can burn down federal buildings and nothing happens, and let’s not forget Hillary’s e-mails or Hunter Biden or more than 40% of public believe the 2020 election was rigged!

    And you’re 100% correct. When you allow drug use you get more of it. When you allow people to steal $900 dollars worth of merchandise and nothing happens, you get more of it. When you allow rampant shootings every weekend and nobody is arrested, you get more of it.

    If the government sends you money, most people will accept it because they understand that the money was theirs to begin with!!!

    Serious question…how is it that the States can legalize certain drugs when they are still considered illegal on the federal level? Gee, I thought federal law trumps State law? It probably should be an issue for the States to decide but then again the fed’s always throw the “general welfare” clause at us forgetting what their enumerated powers are limited too!

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